AEW vs All In

Hey Scott-

I was looking at the match listing for All In and comparing it to the current AEW roster: About half of the wrestlers involved are NOT currently part of AEW, which kind of makes the whole thing feel more special. Okada, the Briscoes, Flip Gordon, Bully Ray, Nick Aldis, Jay Lethal, Matt Cross, Ibushi, Bandito, Scurll- If they could instantly sign any two of the wrestlers, which do you think could make the biggest difference? 

I feel like that Okada kid might be a future breakout star, like Dakota Kai apparently is.  There's something in him, buried deep down!  

Anyway, given their tag team division aspirations for the promotion, I'd personally say the Briscoes.  I can't even imagine the matches we'd get with them in the mix.