WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 14 — TAGGING IN MEMPHIS

We made it!

Yes, you read this right: tonight’s show is in Memphis, TN.  This is good news, I hope!  Memphis wrestling, when done right, is an experience unlike any other and a blast to watch.  It mixes the NWA storytelling style with the best of the WWF Golden Era of characters.  And it WORKS!  That’s the best part!  There are ideas that work because of the way Memphis crowds will enjoy them (I’m reminded of a 2014 Raw where Sheamus and Christian had a Beale Street Fight — meaning they beat each other up with musical instruments).

Along those lines, SmackDown has a hint of Memphis flavor to it right now!  It’s not just Baron Corbin being an overbearing royal, though at least that will get good heat.  There’s also the Fiend: a movie monster heel that needs to be set up to be conquered by the big hero.  While Daniel Bryan probably isn’t that hero, it’s possible it’ll be Roman Reigns (although I worry WrestleMania crowds will refuse to like it on principle, even though Roman has more than acquitted himself).

Oh, hey, that reminds me — our main event tonight is Reigns and Bryan against Corbin and Dolph Ziggler!  One guess who’s getting pinned in this one.

Recently, Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke have been dealing with the manipulative Sasha Banks and the bitter champ Bayley.  But things came to a head when Alexa Bliss inserted herself in the debate via her Moment of Bliss talk segment.  Now, the follow-up: Banks/Bayley will face Evans/Brooke, as well as Bliss/Nikki Cross, in a triple threat tag match!  This will go a long way to showing whether the WWE is ready to pull the trigger on Lacey.

If you’d rather watch sports, Wisconsin/Ohio State and Georgetown/Seton Hall is on FS1 tonight.  ESPN2 has UCF/Houston, then a high school game featuring LeBron Jr. and D-Wade Jr.  ESPN proper has an NBA doubleheader, Sixers/Rockets and Pelicans/Lakers.  ESPNU has Wright State/Oakland out of the Horizon League, then Temple/Tulsa.  CBSSN is running a MAC double-header, Toledo/Ball State and Kent/Bowling Green.  NBCSN has Notre Dame hockey as they face Western Michigan, then… curling?  Really?

DATELINE: It’s time to vote for the 2019 Gooker Award!  For the record, three of the options are pretty close in voting, unlike last year when Crown Jewel 1 had over 50% of the vote.  Voting ends January 11.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an Analysis of Beyond – Heavy Lies the Crown to make up for just doing a recap.  I’ll see if I can make a weekend indie review a thing.

Enjoy the weekend!