Thoughts on WrestleKingdom 14??

Are you excited for the two shows? I am extremely pumped as I really love how they've set up the four-man tournament over the two days, and I really don't know which direction they're going in because you can make a legit case for all four walking out as the dual champion.

On top of that, you got Liger's retirement, the return of Hiromu, a ZSJ/Sanada match that I'm really looking forward to and the AEW stuff seems to be percolating, with Moxley there and the Tanahashi stipulation. 

And the best part is that it falls on a weekend, so i don't have to spend an entire workday desperately trying to avoid spoilers online! 

I’m pretty excited but I’m working most of the weekend so I’ll probably end up doing more of a review highlight package with the most interesting matches.  But as long as Jay White doesn’t end up with both titles, it should be an automatic thumbs up.