Royal Rumble “Upsets” – Betting Odds


Saw your question about "upsets" winning the Royal Rumble.  I run a wrestling betting tips website and archive all of the betting odds.  These are taken at least a week prior to the Rumble before the smart money is in.  So I thought we'd see if there was any "surprises" winning it based on what the bookmakers think.

I'll do it in decimal odds.  If it's 1.90 and you bet $100 on it, you profit $90.  If it's 2.50 and you bet $100 on it, you profit $150 etc.

2019: Seth won, was favourite at 1.90.   Becky won, 2nd favourite at 2.20. behind Charlotte.
2018: Braun Strowman won GRR, 2.75 favourite.  Nakamura won at 2.25 favourite.  Asuka won at 2.25 favourite.
2017: Randy Orton won at 2.50 favourite.
2016: HHH won at 1.50 favourite.
2015: Roman Reigns won at 1.61 favourite.
2014: Batista won, as 1.48 favourite.
2013: John Cena won as 1.57 favourite.

So going back to when sportsbooks started offering wrestling betting odds, the favourite has won every time except in 2019 when Becky won over Charlotte.  Even then her odds were minimal and we haven't had anything close to an upset.

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Taking bets on wrestling still blows my mind.  Thanks for the info!