Pro Wrestling EVE – Let’s get S**t-Faced and Scream into the Void: A Christmas Wrestling Spectacular!


When last we left our heroines in Pro Wrestling EVE, the SHE-1 finished up with Millie McKenzie becoming the new Ace of EVE and laying down a challenge for the tag team titles at WrestleQueendom 3 with partner Charli Evans! So that means that EVE champion Rhia O’Reilly is going to need a challenger for her crown – will we find out who it is tonight?


We open with a video recap of the SHE-1.

And we open the show proper with the music of Laura Di Matteo! She marches down the steps to the ring and grabs a chair as the crowd chants her name. She grabs the mic and says that we all know the rules, she has unfinished business and she’d like to take care of it right now – so Rhia O’Reilly, she’s not fucking leaving this ring until you come out here!

She doesn’t have to wait long as the music of the champ hits, and Rhia makes her way to the ring with Nightshade and Livvii Grace. “Cut my music!” Who the fuck does Laura think she is? Is she going to wait until her back is turned so she can hit her with a chair again? Laura didn’t win the SHE-1, so she doesn’t deserve a title shot! Crowd chants for Laura as Di Matteo goes fucking YARD selling how badly she wants to beat Rhia’s ass – she stares at O’Reilly with this blank, murderous expression while shaking with anger. It’s awesome.

Rhia keeps talking as she gets in the ring and that proves to be an error as Laura attacks! Nightshade yanks Rhia to safety as Grace tries to jump Laura, but Di Matteo sends her face-first to the chair as the crowd chants Laura’s name. Laura and Rhia stare each other down as O’Reilly retreats back up the stairs.

Hey, Emily’s got sparkly garland! Goes well with the bitchin’ mohawk. And we’re starting off with the queen herself, Jinny! She gets a nice reaction from the EVE faithful, who give her a “Yas Queen!” chant. Good for you, EVE crowd! And now, here’s her opponent, former EVE champ Sammii Jayne!

Jinny vs Sammii Jayne

Lockup goes to the mat with Jayne holding a wristlock. Jinny transitions out, but Jayne takes her right back over with a headlock, with Jinny escaping to a headscissors. Stalemate. Commentary puts over that Jinny has been teaming with Kanji recently and it may have caused a change in her. More reversals lead to a Jinny backslide for two, Jayne comes back with La Majistral for two, leading to rolling pin attempts from both all over the ring in a very nice sequence.

Jinny with a nice legsweep into her knee on Jayne, then a running knee for two. Jinny comes out of the corner off a charge into an Octopus stretch, but Sammii powers out, so Jinny turns it into a sunset flip for two. Jayne with flying forearms and a leg lariat for two. Blind charge misses from Jayne, and a legsweep into a senton sets Jinny up for some forearms that get two. Acid Rainmaker is blocked by Jayne into a Fireman’s Carry Driver for two, then a vicious knee to the face from Sammii gets two. Match has been excellent thus far.

Jayne goes up, but Jinny catches her with a high kick and a facebuster off the top for two. Jinny tries for a piledriver, but Jayne slips out and rolls her up for three! SAMMII JAYNE OVER JINNY, PINFALL, 7:36

THOUGHTS: ***1/2. A very good professional wrestling match from these two. You know you’re going to get excellent work from Jinny, and Jayne is a solid if unexciting worker who can normally be counted on to put on a good match, and she did so here.

Post-match, Jinny gets a mic. She puts Jayne over and thanks her for the match, then puts over Mercedez Blaze and says that while she wants to focus on her singles, Blaze has been killing it and doesn’t need Jinny anymore, so keep on killing it. This is the babyfaciest promo I’ve ever seen Jinny even come close to cutting, and she’s not done. She finishes up by mentioning Kanji and says that when Kanji gets back, they’re coming for the tag titles.

And that’s the music of Nina Samuels to interrupt. Well, that makes the turn crystal clear – if Nina is against you, you’re the babyface. Happened to Jamie Hayter last year, now Jinny this year. Crowd tries to drown her out as she asks Jinny what happened to her? What happened to the most ruthless woman in professional wrestling? Nina points out that she hasn’t lost to Sammii Jayne, so why doesn’t Jinny just take a seat and watch how it’s done? Now, Nina was scheduled to face Millie McKenzie tonight, but Millie has the sniffles. So, she’ll go ahead and beat Sammii instead, if Jayne is up for it? Sammii very much is, so let’s do this!

Nina Samuels vs Sammii Jayne

Jayne immediately rolls her up for two, the pulverizes her with forearms and a back elbow. Big ‘rana from Sammii, but Nina avoids a charge as Jayne necksnaps off the ropes, then hits a dropkick for two. Stomps from Nina and a chinlock as the crowd lets Nina know how much they hate her.

Sammii misses a charge in the corner off a comeback and Nina hits double knees for two. Snapmare and a necksnap get two for Nina. Jayne comes back with uppercuts, but Nina goes to a stretch, Jayne counters by using the top rope to flip out of it and hit an enzuigiri. Leg lariat gets two for Jayne.

Jayne misses charging Nina against the ropes and Nina gets a kick, then hangs Jayne in the ropes. Charge by Nina but Sammii moves, then hits a lungblower and a sliding German on Samuels. That gets two. Nina makes a comeback and goes up, then cartwheels across the top rope to avoid Jayne coming in, following that with a spear in the corner. Dann Read is right on it on commentary, pointing out that Jayne must be exhausted having to wrestle again and Nina is playing her by forcing her to run. I don’t say this often, but Dann is an excellent commentator who puts over the wrestling and the story of the match very well.

Nina comes in from the apron with a corkscrew that gets two. Stomps from Nina and she goes up again, but stops to taunt Jinny and Jayne recovers to meet her at the top. Sunset flip attempt from Nina is blocked, so Nina powerbombs her off instead! 1, 2, no! Nina goes for the GTS, but Jayne manages to slip out and the roll-up of DOOM keeps Nina down for the pin! SAMMII JAYNE OVER NINA SAMUELS, PINFALL, 8:01

THOUGHTS: ***. Only slightly less than the Jinny match, Jayne was very good again here and Nina worked her ass off to keep up. The psychology of the match with Nina trying to exhaust Jayne after Sammii had already wrestled a match was a bit all over the place, but the work itself was good and the result was fine.

Post-match, Jinny gives the slow clap to Nina as Samuels gets the mic. She dares Jinny to get in the ring, because she’ll wipe that smile off her face! So Jinny gets in the ring as Nina clarifies that she doesn’t mean right now, she means at the place befitting such a contest – January 11th, WrestleQueendom 3! Jinny with the mic now, and she calls Nina a little bitch after she loses matches, and if she wants to fight at WrestleQueendom, well, the Queen accepts! The two of them go nose to nose and the refs separate them, and we’ve got a match for the big show!

Emily asks us to welcome Gisele Shaw to the ring! The crowd does not seem to be that welcoming, to say the least. Shaw calls her introduction ‘shitty’ and demands that Emily introduce her as the ‘Ace of EVE’, since she beat Millie. She points out that fact, that in fact she submitted her, so if there’s anyone here that deserves to call herself the Ace of EVE, it’s Gisele! She calls out Millie for being sick and then proceeds to call out the Woke Queens.

Debbie Keitel and Valkyrie make their way to the ring; they heard Gisele’s whinging upstairs, and while Shaw thinks the world revolves around her, when they’re in the ring, it revolves around the Woke Queens! And since they’re feeling festive, if Gisele can find a partner, they’ll put the titles on the line tonight in the main event!

I always give EVE a lot of credit for their booking, and this was excellent – introducing Shaw into Millie’s story because she does have a legit case to be made (she DID submit McKenzie) gives a bit of a personal touch to the proceedings, and I’m down with that for sure. So, who will she find to partner with?

Emily tells us that it’s now time for the main event of the first half of the show! Out first, it’s the most famous wrestling legend of modern times, it’s Jetta! Rhia O’Reilly is out next with Nightshade in tow, as Livvii is taking a breather after that chair shot from Laura Di Matteo. This IS for the EVE championship!

I get the feeling this one is going to be a bit polarizing.

Jetta vs Rhia O’Reilly (C) – Pro Wrestling EVE Championship match

Jetta throws her shirt at Rhia and kicks her low, then hits a running kick and a neckbreaker. Rhia comes back with forearms, but Jetta hits a curb stomp. Samoan Drop from Rhia, but she misses a senton, allowing Jetta to hit a People’s Princess Elbow. Somehow, Jetta comes up bleeding from the nose.

And that’ll about do it for Jetta on offense in this match.

She ends up on the top rope and kicks Rhia away, but Nightshade takes advantage of the ref’s turned back and yanks her off the top, injuring Jetta’s knee in the process. The ref checks on Jetta, so Rhia hits a running kick on the knee while Jetta is down because Rhia is a BITCH. And I mean that with the utmost compliments. Rhia kicks her in the knee again and hits the Rhiadjustment. A second one gets the pin. RHIA O’REILLY OVER JETTA, PINFALL, 3:28

THOUGHTS: **. The point of this match was not the workrate, obviously. The point was to have Rhia beat Jetta unmercifully to get her over as a ruthless killer before Queendom. The match at SHE-1 was clearly meant to set this up, where Rhia didn’t take Jetta seriously and didn’t put her away when she could, and wound up losing as a result. Here? While Rhia got caught a bit off-guard with the early Jetta offense, she quickly took control and put Jetta away quickly. See, she grew as a character and wrestler by learning from the earlier match and not letting herself be distracted by rage, instead becoming the ice-cold destroyer and crushing the spunky challenger. And I LIKE that! I like when promotions and characters build on what came before, and that’s exactly what I got from this match – Jetta was presented as a great sympathetic babyface based on what happened at the SHE-1, she got her shot, and Rhia killed her dead.

This wasn’t a great match, but it was the RIGHT match.

Rhia wipes Jetta’s blood on her face. Becky Lynch immediately sues for gimmick infringement. Jetta’s face is an absolute mess, so Rhia and Nightshade put the boots to her and go after her knee until Laura Di Matteo makes the save and the heels make a run for it. See? Perfect.

Laura and the ref help Jetta from the ring.

Out next, we get the music of the earlier-mentioned Mercedez Blaze! She makes her way to the ring to await her opponent, who will in fact be Heidi Katrina! A regular in the Sendai Girls promotion, she’s returning to EVE after several months.

Heidi Katrina vs Mercedez Blaze

Blaze attacks from behind and bails when Heidi just turns around in amusement. Katrina turns her back and Blaze is back in with more forearms to the back, and Heidi no-sells them all. “Heidi sells less than Blockbusters!” Thank you, Dann. Huge dropkick levels Blaze. Beatings in the corner from Heidi and a big legdrop by Katrina. Blaze bails to the apron and trips Heidi there, then back in for some boot choking in the corner. Double knees and a butterfly suplex from Blaze gets two. Mercedez tries for a full-nelson, but Heidi elbows out.

They slug it out in the middle of the ring, and Heidi hits a Giant Swing. Blaze bails to the apron again, and Heidi hits a headbutt and legdrops her across the middle rope for two. Crossbody is caught by Katrina into a fallaway slam on Blaze. Mercedez comes back with a hip attack and spear off the top, but Katrina hits a stunner and goes up for a legdrop off the top rope, and that’s good enough for the pin. HEIDI KATRINA OVER MERCEDEZ BLAZE, PINFALL, 6:50

THOUGHTS: **3/4. Katrina has the look and I like Blaze, but something about this match didn’t click for me. I can’t totally put my finger on it, but it felt like they did a bit too much with Blaze trying to escape, and Katrina is okay with the big power moves, but she just kind of hit them and moved to the next one. Overall, I may not be being totally fair here, but something just felt off to me with these two, and I think they’re both good wrestlers from what I’ve seen.

And there’s the music of Laura Di Matteo, who’s finally out for a match tonight! And her opponent will be none other than Nightshade. Ah, this should be interesting now, shouldn’t it?

Laura Di Matteo vs Nightshade

Laura hits a tope onto Nightshade before the bell even rings, then hits a dropkick back in the ring. She misses an enzuigiri and Nightshade hits a crazy senton that almost breaks Di Matteo in half. Hammerlock into a big forearm from Nightshade as Dann reminds us that Laura was Rhia’s teammate at the first WrestleQueendom and lays out the story of why Laura and Rhia are having a go at each other because he’s good at his job.

Laura comes off the top with a sunset flip, but Nightshade is right back at her and chokes away in the corner with the boot. Bearhug into another forearm by Nightshade, and here’s why I like Nightshade – she doesn’t do a lot, but what she does, she does well. Using her size, using her forearms, she knows where her strengths as a wrestler lie at this moment in time and does those things. As she progresses, I suspect she’ll add more things to become a complete wrestler, but for the time being, just sticking to what she does well works just fine.

Fallaway overhead throw gets two for Nightshade, but Laura comes off the ropes with a clothesline, then a second, then a ‘rana and enzuigiri – she’s DI MATTEOING UP! Laura goes up, missile dropkick gets two. Laura goes for the stretch, but Nightshade elbows out and just annihilates her with a forearm and a spear for two. Double knees in the corner and a German suplex lead to a chokebomb from Nightshade – 1, 2, NO!

Nightshade puts Laura on her shoulders, but Laura turns that into a victory roll for two, then follows that with kicks and a short DDT for two. Laura goes for a Tombstone, Nightshade reverses out, Laura reverses back and bulldogs Nightshade into the canvas, then applies the stretch, including kicks to the head while in it, to get the submission. LAURA DI MATTEO OVER NIGHTSHADE, SUBMISSION, 7:01

THOUGHTS: ***1/4. Probably Nightshade’s best match in EVE, these two worked the Sting/Vader formula to absolute perfection, as Nightshade tossed Laura around with a few hope spots here and there, and then Laura made the comeback and won. Good stuff here as Nightshade is a lot of potential, still green for sure, but there’s something there with her.

Post-match, Laura grabs the mic and tells Rhia that she’s fed up with her shit – she’s taken out both of her lackeys, and at WrestleQueendom, she wants Rhia!

We go to black, then fade back in to the voice of Dann, who has a mic and says that Rhia O’Reilly has refused that match for WrestleQueendom. Crowd boos this answer. But that being said, Rhia must defend the title at Queendom, and it falls on them to name a #1 Contender. We get a nifty camera angle so we can see Rhia on the balcony yelling at Dann as he’s talking here. And, Dann says, he can’t help but think that an appropriate #1 contender might be the person who pinned Rhia in the first round of the tag team championship tournament. An appropriate #1 contender might be the person who took out both Livvii Grace and Nightshade on the same night. An appropriate #1 contender might be the person who won both her matches at the previous WrestleQueendoms! So even if Rhia doesn’t watch that match, as of this moment, Rhia O’Reilly will defend the title against the #1 contender, Laura Di Matteo! Crowd goes crazy as Rhia gives the finger to Dann and the crowd from the balcony. Well, we have our main event for Queendom!

Your pre-main event show is one Ruby Corkscrew.

Main event time! Gisele Shaw makes her way to the ring and she looks confident – who will her partner be? The Woke Queens are out next, and the crowd has decided that they’re going to be the faces here, it appears. Shaw gets the mic and orders Emily out of the ring, then says that she’s chosen a professional wrestler as a partner tonight – it’s Sammii Jayne for her third match tonight!

Gisele Shaw and Sammii Jayne vs The Woke Queens (C) – EVE Tag Team title match

So the story here is that Jayne wants gold back badly enough to tag with Gisele. Alrighty. Jayne and Valkyrie start us off. Chain wrestling to start and Jayne hits a dropkick, so Debbie gets the tag. Jayne hits a big forearm for two, and back to Valkyrie, so Jayne tags in Gisele. Shaw and Debbie do some trash talking, which somehow leads to Valkyrie coming in with tinsel to wrap around Shaw and allow the Queens to hit a double clothesline. Hey, it was funny.

Double elbow from the Queens and they get a tube of wrapping paper from the outside. “It’s time to wrap this shit up!” But alas, it all goes wrong as Shaw gets ahold of the wrapping paper and goes to work with the mighty cardboard tube, waffling both Queens including Valkyrie as she comes off the top rope!

Now that was some hardcore shit right there.

Anyway, Shaw has had just about enough of this shit and goes to work on the arm of Debbie, then tags in Jayne. She gets some offense in and then it’s back to Shaw, who stomps on the arm and slaps on a Million-Dollar dream. Back to Sammii as they cut the ring in half and just destroy Keitel, Jayne hitting double knees and a slam for two. Shaw with chops and she chokes with the boot. Gisele is so good. I’m sorry I ever doubted her.

Keitel fights out, but Shaw stops that with a back elbow for two. Suplex from Shaw gets two. Back kick cuts off a comeback from Debbie. Keitel finally hits a lariat and it’s HOT TAG Valkyrie! Tinsel and wreaths come into the match now as we get a bit silly, with the Queens trapping Jayne and Shaw with wreaths and dropkicking them into each other.

Valkyrie and Shaw get into it now with a kick battle, culminating in a Pele kick from Valkyrie and Gisele following with a kick off the ropes to put everyone down. Jayne and Shaw set up for knee strikes on the Queens, but the Queens call for ornaments and down they come from the rafters. Now look, I know I’m an old asshole with no sense of humor, but what the fuck is this match? One minute it’s completely serious, the next they’re slipping and sliding on Christmas ornaments?

Anyway, Sweet Chin Music by Shaw gets two, then the Woke Queens double-team Sammii and set Gisele up for the Decapitation, but Jayne breaks that up and Shaw sends Keitel headfirst into the wall, then follows that up with the Fujiwara armbar for the submission and the titles. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have NEW Pro Wrestling EVE tag team champions! GISELE SHAW & SAMMII JAYNE OVER THE WOKE QUEENS, SUBMISSION, 13:31

THOUGHTS: ***. The in-ring work, when we got it, was very good, with Shaw and Valkyrie being standouts. The tonal shifts in the match, on the other hand, were jarring and hard to follow as we went from serious match to comedy to serious match to comedy and my brain hurt at the end of it. They did a tag formula match for the most part in the first half, then prop comedy for the second half. I can’t decide if the wrestling was good enough to overcome some of the sillier moments, but for the most part, I think it probably was.

Gisele celebrates while Sammii looks a bit more conflicted about winning the straps. They leave the ring and Keitel has the mic. She says that they underestimated Shaw and Jayne, but they want their rematch, and they’re going to get it in a 3-Way at WrestleQueendom 3!

Fade to black.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This show was less about a lot of the in-ring work and more about getting all the pieces in place for WrestleQueendom, and it did that well. 3 new matches, including 2 title matches, were set up on this show, and those were the final pieces we needed before the big show happened. For in-ring work, 3 Sammii Jayne matches may have been just a tad too much, but overall the show had decent work up and down the card, with the anticipation for the Rhia/Laura showdown building quite nicely.

One thing, though – I think that Dann said that the tag title 3-way would main event, and with the propensity to send the crowd home happy on the last match… Rhia keeping the belt?

And with that, I’ll take my leave.

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