Cody and Brandi

Hey Scott–

Cody Rhodes is the virtuous white-meat babyface defending AEW against

any and all ner-do-wells.

Brandi Rhodes is an evil cult leader who uses Awesome Kong to destroy

people and cut off their hair.

How'd the holidays go for these two?

Seriously, though, these storylines have to intersect at some point

right? I'm not saying I WANT them to; as you've pointed out this

Nightmare Collective nonsense is flaming hot death. But won't they

have to address it eventually? Either Cody gets tired of his bat-shit

insane wife messing with talent, or Brandi gets fed up with Cody's

white-knight champion routine not getting him to the title?

Or is this one of those "Democrat and Republican are married, but they

stay together because the sex is so good" kind of things?

Sorry, I was just thinking about Brandi there and lost the thread…what were you saying again?