Daily News Update – January 1 2020

Welcome to 2020!  Hope you all have a great VISION for the next year. OK, I’ll stop at one.

I FINALLY got a goddamn e-mail from Disqus saying they’re “investigating” all the problems that have been happening since DECEMBER 27.  Thanks, guys!  Not like I’m paying monthly for this service or anything.

DATELINE:  Raw ratings rebounded without football.  Also, wrestling weddings remain ratings gold.  It was a good combinaion.

DATELINE:  NXT and NXT UK will be airing on BT Sport overseas.  Where it’s been 2020 for, like, 6 extra hours this year.  Bet you think you’re special.

DATELINE:  NWA Powerrr has been delayed until later this afternoon because of New Year’s.  If that’s your kind of thing.

And hey, if you’re ROH, they’ll be streaming Final Battle FOR FREE this afternoon on the YouTubes.  Enjoy!