Your 2003 rants

I was looking through your archive and a lot of your 2003 recaps of the weekly shows seem to be missing. Did you ever recap those shows originally or just lose them?

For anyone else with the archives, there's a large file under "WWE / TV Shows" called "Scott Keith 2003.docx" and that has everything from 2003 combined into one big document.  Basically I had lost them originally and then someone was nice enough to have catalogued them for me at the time and sent me the files a few years back.  I've been slowly reconstructing the individual rants from that file over the years, but everything should be in there.  I'm very thankful for cloud storage these days because I've lost my archives a couple of times over the years due to dead computers and other technical problems, and now I've got them pretty safely backed up in triplicate and close to complete.