If The Shockmaster Didn’t Trip?

So if Fred Ottman's Shockmaster debut in WCW went off without a hitch instead of the clusterfuck it was, any idea how big of a push was he in line to receive?  

I feel like not much would change, but time travel is always a dangerous thing to mess with, believe me.  For example, I was running some scenarios on the Blog-puter 3000 and Mr. T suddenly lost his mohawk in 1984!  How does that even happen?

This is why rebooking Starrcade 89 is such a fool's errand.  If you start messing with that, next thing you know the time stream gets all messed up and Skynet is taking over and shit.  Except it'll be Siri as the artificial intelligence running the world, so the people will be screaming for mercy under the boots of the robot masters and Siri will be "Thanks, here's some pizza restaurants in your area."