The Cheap and Lazy Sunday Thread

It’s the last Sunday of 2019 as we creep closer to a new decade!

DATELINE:  Chris Jericho makes his own stip, offering Tanahashi a shot at the AEW title should he triumph at Wrestle Kingdom.  I dunno, what has Tanahashi ever done to warrant a title shot at LE CHAMPION?  Hopefully they go over his win-loss record on AEW Dark first.

DATELINE:  Smackdown did about the same ratings it always does.

DATELINE:  Cody Rhodes attempted to trademark “Dusty Rhodes” but was denied because it’s too close to “Dustin Rhodes”.  Oh, you wacky legal system, you.

Hey, here’s Cody v. Darby Allin from Fyter Fest if you need something to watch this morning.