NXT as main show?

Hello Scott,
One of the threads on the blog today was whether or not NXT should be considered one of WWE’s main shows at this point.
Pro arguments: They have a Network TV Deal. They are about to start touring nationally. The pay scale is starting to even out a bit with Raw and Smackdown, and they are directly programmed against their arguably biggest competitor. People like Balor are going back and it doesn’t feel like a demotion.
Cons: The ratings are considerably lower than either Smackdown or Raw (Although getting closer as Raw continues to plummet.), They haven’t started touring yet, AEW is certainly competition, but only barely so the competing thing might be seen as a wash. Vince doesn’t seem to care about NXT.
Thoughts? Is it a main show or is it still the midcard to Raw and Smackdown’s upper card? Should we have some goalposts for the argument?
It’s not a main show.  House shows are actually dropping from where they were before it debuted on USA, and things that happen on NXT exist in a universe separate from the main roster shows.  I don’t think it feels equal to the other two at all.  Quality-wise, sure, but if someone gets called up to the main shows then their history is instantly erased and reset, so that to me is the litmus test and NXT fails it.  Plus, as I was mentioning yesterday on the NXT thread, the shows do abysmal numbers on the blog (outside of Takeovers) so clearly no one cares about it.  That’s SCIENCE I just dropped on you there.