The Strong Style Saturday Thread – 12.28.19

Well, good morning, and we’ll see how NXT does in the Smackdown slot here on Saturday mornings.

Merry belated Christmas to everyone, since most of what I’ve had on the blog this week was written at various other times due to being out of town and then working Boxing Day.  I got a Sega Genesis Mini from my family and an 8BitDo SN30 Pro controller for my Switch and it’s fantastic for playing the SNES library on there.  I’ve been looking at picking up one of the USB drives from True Blue Mini to expand my Playstation Classic’s library, but frankly I’m shocked someone hasn’t shut them down yet.  Still, $30 for like a 100 games with no hacking necessary?  That’s pretty decent.  I was perusing the list of games I technically still own on the Playstation Network after buying many many backwards compatible bundles and Humble Bundles over the years, and it hurts me that most of them are just gone now because they won’t take the time to let me play the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games that I legally purchased multiple times, from Sony, when the PS4 can emulate the original Playstation without breaking a virtual sweat.  Come on, Sony, even Microsoft is doing better at this and look how the Xbox One launched.

DATELINE:  New Japan ends their relationship with AXS because Impact owns the station now.  What a strange world we live in.

DATELINE:  Daniel Bryan won what was apparently a series of matches originally scheduled to be a single three-way to claim the title shot against the Fiend.

And finally, just in case you think AEW is the only promotion where wins and losses matter, here’s this week’s WWE list!