nWo Saturday Night

I remember hearing back in the day that the nWo was supposed to have taken over an hour, and/or the entire 2 hours of WCW Saturday Night after they won War Games 1996, but it was scrapped after the disaster that was nWo Souled Out 1997.  Was any of that true?  If so, you would've thought they wouldn't have toyed with the idea to give the nWo Nitro in early 1998 when Thunder came along, but I guess that's why WCW was WCW.  

Yes, Bischoff was seriously attempting to give the nWo their own show several times along the way.  The entire point of Thunder was supposed to be WCW moving to that show and the nWo taking over NItro, but nWo Nitro was such a flop that they pulled the plug and just made Thunder into another B-show instead.