Worst Debut Of A Wrestler?

What would you say was the worst debut of a wrestler that was (supposedly) going to be someone?  I think EC3's debut on WWE T.V. this year takes the cake.  He was just randomly shown backstage posing in a mirror when another wrestler was walking to the ring.  It was definitely a harbinger of what was to come with him.
Was EC3 even going to be “be someone”, though?  I feel like someone like Lord Tensai, who was supposed to get the big rocket push against Cena and then just flopped completely, might have been worse.  Or Brodus Clay and his endless vignettes where the character ended up going to Mark Henry and he just debuted as the dancing fat guy instead.  Or Hade Vansen, who was supposed to headline Wrestlemania against Undertaker and he didn’t even make it to TV!