RAW problems

Hey Scott,

So as shitty as RAW has been, they managed this week to actually set up 3 babyface challengers in Owens, Mysterio, and Joe to the main heel on the show Seth Rollins giving the show some kind of direction albeit still kinda all over the place.

This is all well and good except for the fact that Lesnar is holding the championship.

He is great though whenever he shows up and instantly attracts attention but kills the storylines and makes it lifeless when he’s not around.

So in this double edged sword, shit or get off the pot type of situation, is he still worth it or should they cut ties once and for all?

They should cut ties.  He’s no longer a draw to anyone outside of the Saudi princes, and him holding the belt hostage for months at a time doesn’t make it feel important, it makes it feel forgotten.  I can’t possibly see how they can justify his salary at this point, unlike someone like Ronda who actually moved numbers.  He doesn’t help ratings when he’s on TV and there’s no longer a PPV model for his title defenses, so what’s the point?