What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – December 2, 1995

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WCW Prime for November 27 featured the debut of the Super Assassins in a match that tasked Chris Cruise and Dusty Rhodes with commentating duties.

Prime “MOOOO” Match of the Week:  The Super Assassins (w/Colonel Robert Parker) defeat the American Males (12-2) when Super Assassin #2 pins Marcus Bagwell after a headbutt at 7:02 shown:

This marks the first time that a WCW Prime feature match is coming from Disney since all the footage from the old Georgia venues for WCW Pro is exhausted.  The Super Assassins were the old Powers of Pain, composed of the Warlord and Barbarian.  Why WCW opted to repackage them under masks as the Super Assassins, a callback to the famous tag team of Georgia Championship Wrestling, is unclear.  Aside from one promo, the Assassins did not get much promotion before their arrival and they failed to make a mark in the World War 3 battle royal.  It is also a poor sign that they do not get a handful of squashes to build them up after their debut.  The Assassins slowly beat down Scotty Riggs, with the lone highlight being a suplex-flying body press combination that would have won the match without a timely save by Bagwell.  Bagwell receives the hot tag and escapes a flying headbutt from Super Assassin #1, but when he goes for a headscissors, Super Assassin #2 headbutts him to help the Assassins prevail in their debut.  Rating:  *

And now on to WCW Pro for December 2, with Chris Cruise, Dusty Rhodes, and Larry Zbyszko doing commentary.

Opening Non-Title Contest:  Johnny B. Badd (Television Champion w/the Diamond Doll) (46-5-3) pins Dave Dalton after the Badd Mood at 1:49:

This is a fun opening squash, with Badd using a quick series of moves to daze Dalton.  An inverted atomic drop, Tombstone piledriver, and Badd Mood help get Badd a step closer to fifty singles wins.

Sonny Onoo talks to Cruise, saying that New Japan wants to prove to the world that they are superior to WCW.  He issues a challenge for WCW to meet them head-on at Starrcade.

Koji Kanemoto & Shinjiro Otani defeat Todd Morton & Doug Becker when Kanemoto pins Becker after a moonsault at 4:16:

Otani was one of New Japan’s rising stars in 1995 having broken into the business three years before.  At the time of his first WCW appearance he was in the mix for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title, clashing with the likes of Yuji Nagata, Kanemoto, and Tokimitsu Ishizawa.  Later, he would become the first WCW Cruiserweight titleholder.  While Kanemoto works some basic strikes, Otani distinguishes himself with some beautiful dropkicks and an effortless rolling senton.  Becker is dead to rights after an electric chair drop-missile dropkick combination, which makes Kanemoto’s moonsault at the end academic.

Chris Benoit (8-2-1) defeats Buck Quartermaine after a dragon suplex at 4:20:

Perhaps reeling from his loss to Kensuke Sasaki at World War 3, it takes a while for Benoit to solve Quartermaine, with a side suplex and suplex into the ropes turning the tide.  Quartermaine catches Benoit with a DDT out of nowhere to mount a late charge, but Benoit lowers his head to escape a victory roll and immediately hits the dragon suplex for the pin.

In a segment called “Wrestling Rap with Teddy Long” Tony Schiavone interviews Long.  Long recaps his involvement in anti-drug and anti-crime efforts in Atlanta over the last few years.  He says that he is watching matches right now to get a better idea of which young wrestlers he would potentially like to manage.

Call 1-900-909-9900 to hear about a potential reunion between two of wrestling’s biggest stars.  Their love affair may not happen in the ring, though!

Masa Saito beats Scott D’Amore via submission to an anklelock at 4:29:

There is not much to this squash as Saito beats down D’Amore, suplexes him, and puts him in an anklelock.

Eddie Guerrero (12-3-4) defeats Johnny Swinger after slingshot somersault senton at 3:39:

Guerrero does not use the frog splash today, putting Swinger down for the count after a fun three minutes of back-and-forth action with a slingshot somersault senton.

Tune in next week to see the Disco Inferno in action!

The Last Word:  The WCW-New Japan angle continues to be flat, not helped by Sonny Onoo’s unclear promo today.  He issues a soft-spoken challenge but what challenge does he have in mind?  A ten-man tag?  A gauntlet match?  A team challenge?  It also does not help that WCW told fans that the challenge would be issued on WCW Saturday Night instead of WCW Pro and then on this show we were told that WCW’s response would happen on Saturday Night.  And then, to compound these issues a Starrcade promo aired in the middle of this broadcast that said the pay-per-view would feature a clash between New Japan and WCW stars.  So in that case, why do fans even need to watch Saturday Night to see WCW’s response since it has already appeared to have accepted Onoo’s challenge?  At least WCW abandoned New Japan’s ownership of the second half of the show as that spared fans Onoo’s cringy commentary.

Up Next:  WCW Worldwide for December 2!