RIP Mr. Niebla

CMLL’s Twitter account has confirmed that Efrén T. Márquez, known as Mr. Niebla for the vast majority of his career, passed away yesterday from a blood infection.  He was 46.

He debuted on November 11, 1990, known at the time as Chamaco Audaz.  He would undergo many name changes in his first 2 years in the business, including being known as Batman once, before settling on the moniker that would carry him for a 25-plus-year CMLL career.  He was still considered active at the time of his death.

His first major title reign came alongside Olímpico and Safari as Mexican National Trios Champions, a CMLL title.  The trio held the belts for 450 days starting in March 2001.  Niebla won the CMLL World Trios Titles soon after, teaming with Atlantis and Black Warrior for a nine-month reign.

Niebla would win CMLL’s highest singles honor on April 18, 2003, over Universo 2000.  His reign lasted 543 days before Universo regained the belt on October 12, 2004.  Niebla would briefly go to AAA in 2006-07 as a member of Los Vipers before returning to CMLL and forming La Peste Negra with Heavy Metal and Negro Casas.

When Niebla died, he was still masked, having successfully put it on the line nine times in the 1990s.  Among those he unmasked were MS Uno (founding member of Los Infernales), Super Brazo, and Shocker.  He also won the hair of Bestia Negra and became the undisputed Mr. Niebla by beating one with an identical name.

Niebla, in addition to his CMLL Title reign, is a 4-time trios champion and won four major tournaments: the 1998 Luterroth Singles Tournament, 2011, Leyenda de Azul, 2012, Torneo National de Parejas Increible, and 2014’s Gran Alternativa.  The latter two were tag tournaments that he won with old friend Atlantis (2012) and Peste Negra recruit Barbaro Cavernario.

We at the Blog of Doom extend our condolences to CMLL and to the Márquez family.