Daily Thread: December 24, 2019

Hey everyone — Brian is unavailable this week, so I’ll be filling in.  Let’s look at some news and rumors.

  • The list of possible Lesnar opponents at the Rumble is Cain Velasquez (most likely), Kevin Owens, and Randy Orton.
  • The Revival being a comedy act is because their contract is expiring and they’re not renewing.  It’s Vince’s latest idea (no word if that explains Dean Ambrose’s promo work on his heel turn).
  • So why aren’t they re-signing?  Because Vince doesn’t see anything special in them.  He’s not a fan of the style of wrestling the Revival do, and he never watched NXT (oh, don’t act shocked) so he didn’t see how well they did there.
  • Ideally, Seth Rollins’ heel turn would still be teased right now.  It was bumped up because of Rollins’ hand injury.
  • This long term feud between Andrade and Humberto Carrillo is designed for both men to move up the card.

Now talk, heathens.