So I’ve just been watching Hogans initial WCW run for the first time.

I’m only at Halloween Havoc 94 but so far the MVP of this whole fued for me is Sherri. She is more believable than either of them and she took some mad bumps during the fued.

But I never seem to hear her getting much credit for it?

I know you didn’t seem over keen I her and Flair as a combo from your reviews but it worked for me, what didn’t you like about it?

Then they revealed the masked man and I’m pretty sure it all goes to shit now.

Flair didn't need a manager, but they were so desperate to make sure that no one would possibly cheer him that they had to add one anyway.  The whole thing felt really shoe-horned after they had done such a great job accidentally making Flair into a giant babyface to save the whole Sid situation.  And yes, spoiler, the masked man thing does go to shit.