Biggest match ruined by injury

Watching MITB 2011 and both Sin Cara and The Miz suffer genuine injuries that cause them to be eliminated. Now in an 8 man ladder match luckily you have guys who can cover but it got me thinking about how lucky they are that more matches aren't ruined by a serious injury that can't be worked through.

So what is the biggest match that was shortened or ended quickly by injury?
Austin Owen at SummerSlam 97, but at least you had 15 minutes of action prior to the tombstone.

Rock/HHH/Angle at SS 2000, but at least Rock and HHH could work a singles match between them before Angle returned for the finish.

Any others stand out?

Austin-Undertaker at Summerslam 98, where Austin got knocked out early in the match and Undertaker had to hold his hand through the rest of the match.  It's a testament to them that they were able to get a pretty good match out of it regardless, but the buildup was seeming to be an epic blowout and it just ended up as a good basic match instead.