WWF Wrestling Challenge – September 18th, 1994

September 18, 1994

From the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, MA

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Ted DiBiase

This week in action are Shawn Michaels & Diesel plus an interview with Razor Ramon


Replay of Adam Bomb answering DiBiase’s challenge for Bam Bam Bigelow. We were spared the awful promo we heard on Superstars at least.


Adam Bomb vs. Todd Mata

Gorilla rags on DiBiase from bailing when Bomb answered the challenge but DiBiase says that Bomb fell into a trap. Bomb gets a decent reaction from the crowd then backs Mata into the corner. Mata hammers away after a cheap shot but Bomb quickly fights back. Gorilla keeps yelling about Bomb embarrassing DiBiase then Bomb hits a snap suplex for a two count. We now go split-screen with DiBiase asking Bigelow what happens when someone accepts a challenge from the Million Dollar Corporation. Bigelow says Bomb must have had a “meltdown” in his brain and will fight Bomb anytime, anyplace. Another cornball promo from this feud. Bomb dropkicks Mata through the ropes then uses a slingshot suplex for the win (2:26).

Thoughts: They are hyping up Bigelow/Bomb as a strong midcard feud, evidenced by how often they are showing the pull-apart, but man are their promos terrible.


WWF Live Event News segment on the Hart Attack Tour.


Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs. Mike Bell & Tim McNeany

Gorilla wants to know what team will be able to stop Shawn & Diesel. Shawn runs over Bell a few times then embarrasses him before punching McNeany off of the apron. Shawn misses an attack in the corner then McNeany tags in but whiffs on a dropkick. Shawn connects with a dropkick then tags out as Diesel hits a side slam. Diesel slams McNeany halfway across the ring, prompting Gorilla to refer to it as a “jerk slam” then references DiBiase as being a jerk. DiBiase says Shawn & Diesel are up there with  Money Inc. as one of the best teams then Shawn & Diesel use the Jackknife/top rope splash for the win (3:04). The champs clear the ring after the match as the announcers want to know who will stop this team then we get highlights from the match.

Thoughts: Shawn & Diesel are being pushed as an unstoppable force with the story being is there any team capable of beating them. Shawn’s work as of late has been incredible in all facets of wrestling and continues to get a lot of cheers from the crowd.


We get a replay from last week on “Superstars” of Lawler popping Dink’s balloons.


Thurman “Sparky” Plugg vs. Tony DeVito

Gorilla refers to Plugg as “Bob ‘Sparkplug’ Holly as apparently they decided on the name switch post-production as well. We see Abe Schwartz on strike in the cheap seats as Gorilla said there are rumors we could see him in action next week. Plugg uses a slam and a dropkick before applying an armbar. Plugg stays to work on the arm but DeVito knees him in the corner. DeVito then eats boot on a charge and Plugg comes back with a flying elbow smash then a clothesline before a flying body press gets the win (2:23).

Thoughts: They stressed the Bob Holly name a lot here on commentary but the ring announcer still called him Thurman Sparky Plugg. According to Holly himself, he told Vince about wanting a new name and he agreed. I assume it happened on the tapings right after SummerSlam since the ring announcers were still using the Sparky Plugg name and the announcers calling him “Bob Holly” happened in post-production.


The WWF Merchandise Catalog ad airs.


Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart w/ Owen Hart vs. Tom O’Sullivan

Neidhart attacks Sullivan before the bell and tosses him around the ring. O’Sullivan gets dumped outside then Owen slaps him across the face before rolling him back inside. DiBiase puts over Neidhart for carrying Bret Hart in their team as Neidhart continues to destroy O’Sullivan until using a Camel’s Clutch for the win (2:27). After the match, Owen snaps the glasses off of O’Sullivan’s face a few times even saying that he looks like Bret.

Thoughts: A dominating win for Neidhart as his matches against Bret as part of the Hart Attack tour is pushed as one of the main events, along with Yokozuna vs. Undertaker.


Smoking Gunns vs. Duane Gill & Barry Hardy

The Gunns take control early as the announcers talk about their feud against the Heavenly Bodies. We hear from Jim Cornette with the Bodies as he promises they will get the Gunns for messing with their property. The Gunns stay in control then put Hardy away with The Sidewinder (3:32).

Thoughts: Some hype for the Gunns/Bodies feud. Neither team is over whatsoever.
We get the “WWF Unbelievable” ad telling us not to fall for cheap imitations.


Raymond Rougeau welcomes Razor Ramon to the ring. This was actually from the 8/30 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Milwaukee, WI. He congratulates Razor for winning the Intercontinental Title. Razor talks about loving the spotlight and living life in the fastlane then mentions Jeff Jarrett running his mouth. Razor then tells Jarrett if he wants some of the “bad guy” then come get some before also calling out Owen Hart for screwing him out of the King of the Ring. Razor even proposes they make it Intercontinental Title vs. King of the Ring crown. This sets up Razor not only for a feud with Jarrett but also Owen as that will hitting the house show circuit quite soon.


We get the WWF New Generation ad with the woman at the confessional booth.


Kwang w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Richie Rich

Kwang beats down Rich as the announcers talk about some upcoming house shows. Gorilla says that Kwang is trying to recover after his “shellacking” from the Undertaker then notes he is around the 300lbs mark. Kwang continues to beat down Rich as the announcers now talk about Bob Backlund being on RAW then Kwang uses a spinning heel kick for the win (3:06).

Thoughts: They let Kwang destroy this dude in an attempt to get a slight bit of heat back after being squashed by Undertaker on RAW. However, Whippleman is a manager of goofs and Kwang has never been over so its clear the end is near for this character.


A video hyping Jerry Lawler vs. Duke Droese on RAW.


Lex Luger vs. Nick Barberri

DiBiase plugs Tatanka’s new look on “Superstars” as Luger tosses around Barberri. Gorilla taunts DiBiase and insults Tatanka as he believes Luger will have them running scared. Gorilla then keeps on his thing about saying how it did not take much of Tatanka to sell out as Luger works the arm. DiBiase said that Luger does not have the brains to be in his organization and does not appreciate the value of a dollar as Gorilla now makes fun of Bigelow and Nikolai Volkoff. Hell, even DiBiase made fun of Volkoff. Luger now catches Barberri with a powerslam before the Rebel Rack gets the win (2:06). Lex poses after the match.

Thoughts: Lots of hype for Tatanka/Luger feud and they even put over Tatanka’s new attire on Superstars and in a way which you make you believe it would be part of his new look going forward.


Another ad for the Hart Attack tour.


Next week in action are Razor Ramon, IRS, The Headshrinkers, Duke Droese, Jeff Jarrett, Heavenly Bodies, and the debut of Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz. Plus, the Backlund interview from RAW.


Final Thoughts: We see more of what the company wants to do post-SummerSlam and the Hart Attack tour is getting pushed heavily on TV. As far as this show goes, only the Razor segment was exclusive, and the rest of the show was forgettable except for the terrible announcing. All he does is whine and complain and DiBiase doesn’t sell much of anything and half the time just laughs. And then really, what can you sell with the overdone harsh whining?