WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 12 — HERE’S SOME MONEY, GO SEE A STAR WAR

We made it!  (Boy am I tired.)

Tonight on SmackDown, we’ll have some TLC fallout!  King Corbin is still getting pushed, and now has added the Revival to his motley crew of followers for Roman to beat the crap out of.  Remember how one year ago this week, Vince McMahon stood in a Raw ring and said on live TV that Corbin getting so much attention was a problem that needed fixing?  That’s okay, neither does Vince.

So it turns out funhouse Bray can take a lot of punishment without flinching and then capitalize on mistakes.  (I know the execution was off, but I got the story out of it so that’s fine.)  Unfortunately for him, Daniel Bryan can deliver lots of punishment and doesn’t usually make mistakes.  The bull’s-eye on Bray means the Fiend will likely feast again – is there an appearance tonight?

Two matches have been announced, and in accordance with the Whims Of Vince, they are both non-title.  First, New Day will take on the Sami Zayn-managed team of — okay, there’s gotta be a good portmanteau name for them — Shintonio Nakasaro (nailed it).  Also, Dana Brooke will have to slide out of Batista’s DMs long enough to take on Sasha’s sidekick Bayley.

If you don’t care about SmackDown but do wish to discuss Star Wars, we have a special thread reserved for that.  If you saw Cats instead, why??

College football bowl season is underway.  Utah State faces Kent State in the Frisco Bowl, while the D-III championship (called the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl) will feature two teams you’ve never heard of (North Central Illinois and Wisconsin of Whitewater).  Lots of NBA and G League on tonight too.

Enjoy the weekend!