Smackdown – December 20, 2019

Date: December 20, 2019
Location: Barclays Center, New York City, New York
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves

It’s the first show after Tables, Ladders And Chairs and one of two shows left before the end of the year. That means it’s time for some fallout, which could be anywhere from dull to interesting, as tends to be the case around here. We also could start hear some rumblings about the Rumble. Let’s get to it.

The opening recap looks at Bray Wyatt defeating the Miz on Sunday, followed by the return of Daniel Bryan.

Here’s Bryan for an opening chat. Bryan talks about how he looked in the mirror after Bray’s attack on him a few weeks ago. His hair and beard were gone, but what he saw was the lack of the Daniel Bryan brand. Then he went home and when his daughter saw him without his hair and beard for the first time ever, she cried. Bryan sees something new in his face. He doesn’t see the man who main evented Wrestlemania, but rather the man who worked for years to get here. Bryan wants Wyatt out here right now but here’s the Miz instead.

Miz talks about how what happened to Bryan was terrible, but Wyatt attacked him personally. Bryan doesn’t know what it’s like to have his home violated so Miz wants revenge. He’ll be taking what Wyatt treasures most when he takes the Universal Title. Cue King Corbin to mock them for being bad fathers before playing a loop of the announcement that he won on Sunday.

Corbin says he’s next in line for Wyatt because the two of them have failed as wrestlers and fathers. The fight is almost on but here’s Dolph Ziggler from behind for the beatdown so Corbin can stand tall. So yeah Bryan is back and everything, but it’s Corbin and Ziggler to open things up again. I know you’ll hear this thrown around a lot, but this felt like WWE just trolled us by bringing out Corbin and Ziggler in another opening segment.

Heavy Machinery aren’t happy with the destruction of the ham last week. Cue Mandy Rose to give Otis a new ham because she’s her Secret Santa this year. She throws in a kiss on the cheek. Corey: “HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD???”

Heavy Machinery vs. Revival

Miracle on 34th Street Fight with Heavy Machinery in Santa hats and coats. It’s a brawl to start (as it should be) with Revival taking over. Tucker gets dropped onto the announcers’ table and Otis gets some Christmas cookies shoved in his mouth. Dawson breaks up the presents and throws one of them at Otis’ head.

The cookie plate is destroyed but a suplex through the table is broken up but Otis gets slammed through it as we take a break. Back with Tucker suplexing Dawson on the ramp but Dawson hits Tucker with a present. There’s a bowling ball inside and it gets rolled between Tucker’s legs so they can head back inside. Dawson gets sent into a Christmas tree in the corner but Dawson hits tucker with a fire extinguisher.

A whip over the announcers’ table destroys the ham and Dawson smashes it in front of Otis. You do NOT do that to Otis so the beatdown is on, only to have Wilder bust out the candy cane kendo stick. That’s shrugged off with a slam through the table and Otis takes Dawson back inside for some throws. Otis busts out the Legos and slams Dawson onto them, followed by an electric chair/fall away slam at the same time. The shirt comes off to set up the Caterpillar and the Compactor finishes Dawson at 12:00.

Rating: C+. Yeah this is on a sliding scale as it was just a joke match that served no purpose other than being around for the holiday theme. It’s a perfectly harmless brawl and it’s not like Revival can fall much further through the floor. The fans love Heavy Machinery and there’s nothing wrong with giving them a win in something like this.

Post match, Otis licks the ham.

Post break, Otis has the ham and runs into Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Sonya leaves and Otis apologizes to Mandy for what happened to the ham. He gets a hug and smiles a lot, only to sweat all over Mandy’s dress.

The Revival are still in the ring and rant about how much of a garbage match that was. They want some serious tag team wrestling but here is Elias with the guitar to cut them off. His song is about how terrible it is for Revival, including saying that he showed his grandmother one of their matches and now she’s on life support.

Sami Zayn comes up to see Braun Strowman because Sami is his Secret Santa. Braun doesn’t like Santa because Sami doesn’t like Christmas, so here are Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura. Sami asks Braun what he wants for Christmas (Braun: “You don’t get what secret means do you?”) so Braun asks for an Intercontinental Title match. That….doesn’t seem to be an option so the three of them leave.

Carmella vs. Sonya Deville

Cole during Carmella’s entrance: “There’s someone’s secret Santa!” Corey: “WHAT DO YOU KNOW???” Sonya chokes on the ropes to start and kicks away in the corner. A superkick to the ribs gets Carmella out of trouble and the Cone of Silence makes Sonya tap at 1:37. That’s two weeks in a row with a completely nothing women’s match.

Just in case the match wasn’t short enough, New Day comes to the ring as Carmella is still leaving so she dances with them.

Sheamus is still coming.

Cesaro/Shinsuke Nakamura vs. New Day

Non-title and Cesaro’s entrance now looks like the Matrix. Kofi dropkicks Nakamura down for an early one so it’s off to Big E. to run Nakamura over as well. A spinning kick to the head drops Big E., so he’s right back with the Rock Bottom out of the corner. Cesaro makes the save so Kofi hits a big flip dive to take Cesaro down outside. A running clothesline drops Big E. though and Nakamura adds in a knee to the head.

Big E. gets sent into the steps and we take a break. Back with Nakamura kicking Big E. down but Kinshasa is blocked with a heck of a clothesline. The hot tag brings in Kofi to clean some house, only to get caught with Swiss Death. The Cesaro Swing gets two but the Neutralizer is broken up. A rather sloppy small package finishes Cesaro at 12:02.

Rating: C-. Pretty paint by numbers match which felt like it could have been on any house show. To be fair though, it’s not like they are going to do anything significant on this show and the champs won. Cesaro taking falls isn’t even worth getting annoyed over anymore either and that’s a sad reality….which we’ve been in for years now.

Post match the beatdown is on but Braun Strowman makes the save and hits the running shoulders around the ring.

Miz and Bryan argue about who hates who more but Miz wants to beat up Bray Wyatt.

Bayley vs. Dana Brooke

Hey look: the same match we saw last week for no logical reason. Sasha Banks is here too so why not have her fight Dana? Ah apparently Dana TWEETED about wanting a rematch and everyone’s hands were tied. Bayley takes her down to start and hits a running knee in the corner. The chinlock goes on but Dana fights up in a hurry. The Swanton and a cartwheel splash get two on Bayley but she’s right back with the headlock driver for the pin at 4:14.

Rating: D. Well I certainly feel better about seeing that one again. This is a situation where they would have been better off having Bayley and Sasha talk or beat up a jobber or something. Why do the same match with a longer time before the same result as last week? It just comes off as lazy booking as there’s no need to do the same thing again.

Post match the beatdown is on but here’s Lacey Evans for the save and the challenge.

Lacey Evans vs. Sasha Banks

Bayley and Brooke are still at ringside. Banks reverses her in the corner and hits the Meteora to the back. A suplex gives Banks two and we hit the armbar. Another Meteora, this one seated, gets two more but Sasha charges into a boot in the corner. Lacey kicks her to the floor but a Bayley distraction lets Sasha get in a posting. Corey gets in a good question by asking where Dana is during all this. Lacey’s daughter makes a terrifying face at Banks as the beating continues until it’s a double countout at 4:16.

Rating: D+. Well at least it was a fresh match. This was nothing to see again but it filled in some more time and furthered Lacey’s face turn. If they’re going in this direction, I still don’t see why they didn’t just go with swapping the opponents here but I’m sure there’s some complicated technical reason and not just “…..uh…..well we didn’t put that much thought into it”.

Post match Bayley and Brooke get involved and it’s a big brawl. Tag match next week more than likely.

Daniel Bryan/The Miz vs. King Corbin/Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler gets in trouble early and it’s the stereo YES Kicks to both villains. Bryan hits some YES chants and we take a break. Back with Bryan hitting the running corner dropkicks on Corbin but the Deep Six plants Bryan. Ziggler’s big elbow gets two and it’s back to the corner to keep up the beating. The trash talk is on and Ziggler hammers away in the corner.

Corbin hits a running clothesline but takes too long bragging, allowing Bryan to hit the missile dropkick. Miz comes in for a bunch of kicks to both and a rollup for two on Ziggler. The Skull Crushing Finale hits Corbin but Ziggler’s superkick is good for two. Another superkick is countered into the Figure Four though and, with Bryan taking out Corbin, Ziggler taps at 10:21.

Rating: C-. This had a little more energy than the other tag match but I’m not exactly buying Miz as a threat to anyone after he got beaten just five days ago. Corbin and Ziggler continue to be little more than villains who just happen to be here and I don’t see that changing. I mean, Ziggler does wear a hat now so he’s changing a little right?

The lights flicker and the Fiend’s laugh end the show, though we do get an announcement for next week: Miz vs. Bryan vs. Corbin in a #1 contenders match for the Rumble title shot.

Rating: D. Oh yeah the holiday season has started as there wasn’t exactly a lot of effort here but then again it’s not like many people are going to be watching anyway. This is their last big show for a few days so I can understand them not really doing much. It didn’t help that they treated it like a house show, which I can’t blame them for either. Really weak show, but more because they seemed to take the week off than anything else.


Heavy Machinery b. Revival – Compactor to Dawson

Carmella b. Sonya Deville – Cone of Silence

New Day b. Cesaro/Shinsuke Nakamura – Small package to Cesaro

Bayley b. Dana Brooke – Headlock driver

Lacey Evans vs. Sasha Banks went to a double countout

Daniel Bryan/The Miz b. Dolph Ziggler/King Corbin – Figure Four to Ziggler

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