Not so nice

Hi Scott,

Greetings from the Netherlands! I started watching wrestling in 1987. I remember Superstar Billy Graham making his return that year. The comeback was short but I was impressed by him. Years later I could see he was way past his prime but back then I had no clue. Anyways, with the internet available these days you cab find anything about anyone, not so back then. These days he comes across as well, just not a very nice guy. Bitter old man.

Do you have wrestlers that you in first instance really liked but by knowning their background…. not so much anymore? (Not counting someone like Benoit)

Honestly, that applies to a LOT of wrestlers.  Probably Lex Luger is one of the main ones where I just kept losing respect for him, but then he managed to turn his life around pretty well.  Ultimate Warrior for sure.  The internet really wrecked his aura bigtime.