Dark Order

Lapsed fan have watched every AEW Dynamite show so far.  Didn't know or like Darby Allin, Private Party, Sammy G, Proud and Powerful, Adam Page, or many of these people to start but have grown in awareness and enjoyment of these and other people on the roster. But the Dark Order is terrible and don't understand the push at all.

So apparently they were a good indie tag team which is fine.  But the live crowd and now the tv audience does not like them at all from the get go.  Ok they made the fake commercials which are ok but nothing groundbreaking.  They kill a man? in a promo, then they recruit an indie tag team who I or the majority of the audience have no familiarity. 

Then they have this bunch of losers literally including the main guys in almost everyone's eyes attack the two of the main big tag teams on the roster then continue to kill most of the big stars as they run in one by one.  These are jobbers and extras in masks winning at the end of the night. This is hot death, have absolutely no idea where they think they go from here.

Shit, no clue who the Butcher and Blade were but at least there was a reason that MJF paid them off and that made some sense.

Maybe two months from now Marty Scrulll and Luke Harper run the group but until then why why why.  This is garbage hot garbage and is not helping promote the show in any way.

I agree completely.  Plus now there's multiple grimdark factions running around AEW in the midcard and none of them are particularly over.  It's a bad look for them.