Christopher Daniels and the Dark Order

While I know that Christopher Daniels has gone full Meme-Man in recent years, but given the run of bad luck in AEW, would it not be smart to have him revert to a manager role and have him take control over the Dark Order so they can turn the concept into something super serious and scary as fuck? 

I don't mean, having it turn out that the Fallen Angel is secretly behind it. I mean a full-on "Daniels kicks the shit out of the OG Dark Order guys until they bow down to him as their new Dark Messiah and leader going forward" sort of deal. Like Storm stabbing Callisto in the heart like a stone cold bitch the strips her of her jacket of leadership and declares herself the new Queen Bitch of the Morlocks. Or Jericho curbstomping the former HIVE rank and file after they brainwash Cyborg into a killer/framed Starfire for murder and telling them their new front, the Wildebeast Society, was HIS property and they were his bitches. Or the Malice possessed Polaris beating the Marauders to the brink of death to assert her authority over Sabretooth and company as their leader. You get the drift/parallel. A full on, takeover of the Dark Order by Daniels with the tacit acknowledgement with it that "this idea sucks but we are going to fix it ASAP".   

Daniels boasting of his legendary status as a major indie superstar and him going full evil cult leader and grooming the next generation of terror to take control over AEW from the Rhodes. Have him recruit goth darling Darby Allen and maybe even have Jack Haggar turn on Jericho to work for Daniels (and putting Jericho in a feud with Kazarian, who Jericho goes after due to him wanting to hurt Daniels by going after his BFF who is torn between joining the Dark Order and fighting his friend) and get some other free agent indie darlings to work for him. Have him target MJF for annihilation because Daniels is bitter that MJF has his entire career ahead of him whereas Daniels is at the twilight of his career and wants to destroy him out of jealousy. Have Daniels stirring the shit between Cody and Dustin, causing Cody to distrust Dustin and fear he'll side with Daniels if push comes to shove. Maybe even search out other indie guys and give them masked gimmicks to create individual characters serving Daniels instead of just generic goons and finally pull the trigger on giving Orange Cassidy a backstory by saying Daniels was his idol and have his disgust at his idol going evil like this be the thing that causes him to show actual emotion and try and rally the rest of the company together to stop him?   

And we just got BAKED this morning.