Mandalorion question

Did you see the newest episode?

What did you think of the Laser Strap match? Better or worse than traditional leather strap matches from back in the day?

Also, have you been keeping up with the series? I’ve been enjoying it…

I have not seen the latest episode because I was busy watching AEW last night.  However, yes, I'm certainly watching it.  My viewing has been co-opted by my daughter, however, who one day was watching that stupid Tik Tok thing on her phone and marched into the living room with a picture of Baby Yoda after it started coming up on there, demanding to know if I was aware of him and if we could watch the show.  So we went through the first four episodes together and now it's our thing, but I have to wait for her to watch the new ones.  She enjoys it, mostly to squeal "HE'S SO CUTE!" every time Baby Yoda appears on the screen, although she thinks Mando is pretty cool, too.
Also, I do have tickets for Star Wars tonight, although this is easily the least excited I've been for a premiere since Solo.  Disney has really driven this franchise into the ground while still making billions from it.