Pulling the trigger at a wrestler’s peak

Hey Scott,

Was realizing how the WWE seems to be missing the peak of wrestler's popularity and storylines. Either they pull the trigger way too fast (The Fiend comes to mind) or way too slow (Reigns and Rollins.) Rollins, for example, was red hot in February 2018 after he won that gauntlet match. He won the Universal Title 13 months later. His peak seemed to be between February 2018-June 2018 and was cooled down by Ziggler.

I think AJ Styles is the only guy they pulled the trigger on at the exact right time lately. 

Anyway, I'm curious what you thought the "peaks" were for these wrestlers and if WWE would've been better off pulling the trigger earlier or later:

1. Shawn Michaels (I feel like his hottest point was July 1995 when he beat Jeff Jarrett for the IC belt. Did they wait too long for this?)
They should have pulled the big trigger on him the night after Wrestlemania 11.  Diesel was done and Shawn was the new hotness and waiting until 1996 did nothing for no one. 

2. Triple H (He was definitely ready to be champ by January 2000, but I feel like they rushed this and were about five-six months premature.)
They definitely rushed it, although after the Stephanie reboot of the character, they pretty much had to put the title on him.  So although the initial title switch was very rushed, the second serious attempt was done at the perfect time.  

3. Chris Jericho. (Way too late, IMO. When he won the title in April 200, the place was molten hot. By December 2001 it wasn't nearly as good.)

Jericho was a weird case because he couldn't really hang with the star power of Rock and HHH and it wasn't fair to put him in that situation.  You can't strongly argue that he should have been champion over either of those guys, and you can't argue with the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS (insert Prime Time Players dance gif here) that Backlash drew.  So yes, they missed the peak, but it's hard to blame them. 

4. Kurt Angle (Too early. When would you say Angle was at his peak? SummerSlam 2001?)

His initial peak was the moment he screamed "TAP OR I'LL BREAK YOUR GODDAMN ANKLE!" at Rock at No Way Out 2001.  Honestly everything past that was just trying to catch up to that moment again.  But Summerslam 2001 was a strong second effort, no doubt.  

5. Jeff Hardy (I think 2008 was the right year but they still kind of missed it. Maybe he should've beaten Triple H at No Mercy 2008?)
I dunno, Jeff's got too much weird shit and baggage going on to say for sure.  I feel like they took it off him too soon, though. 

6. Braun Strowman (I think if he had beaten Brock in the SummerSlam 4-Way the place would've exploded.)

For sure.  They've missed the peak with Braun too many times already and I don't think they're gonna get another one.  
And what about missing the "peaks" of  wrestling angles:
1. Sting/Hogan? (should they just have gone straight to it at Spring Stampede 97?)
Great American Bash 97 would have been perfect. 

2. Cena/Punk 2011 (Super rushed. Didn't have to have an immediate rematch.)
Absolutely.  The Summer of Punk ended up being, what, two weeks?  Rey-Cena could have chewed up a couple of months while Punk did his wacky stuff or feuded with Del Rio or whatever.