WWF Superstars – September 10th, 1994

September 10, 1994

From the Portland Civic Center in Portland, ME

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a copy of this full show. So, we did not get to see the Shawn Michaels & Diesel, Jim Neidhart, and Doink the Clown squash match wins.


We see a replay from last week with The Heavenly Bodies and Smoking Gunns brawling.


Raymond Rougeau welcomes the Heavenly Bodies to the ring. Cornette warns the Gunns what will happen after they messed with The Bodies property. Prichard then says you do not clip their wings then Cornette refers to the Gunns as “Beavis & Butthead” before saying they will clip the Gunns in a totally different way. I thought Cornette did a really good job here but the crowd did not seem to care. Del Ray did not speak in this segment. That was for the best.


Hype video for The Undertaker vs. Kwang on RAW.


Bam Bam Bigelow comes to the ring with Ted DiBiase for his match against Tony Roy. Bigelow destroys Roy before the bell and knocks him outside. Bigelow rolls in and yells at Roy as the bell has not even rung yet then the ref calls off the match as Roy is out cold on the floor. DiBiase then comes into the ring as officials check on Roy. DiBiase then grabs the mic and bets their is not another superstar with the guts to accept an open challenge against Bigelow then dares anyone in the locker room to come out. Bigelow wants someone then we see Adam Bomb come down to the ring. Vince now wonders if Bomb is in fact the next purchase by DiBiase. Bigelow and Bomb stare each other down as Vince says Bomb has not been bought off. Both men slug it out then Bomb hits a flying clothesline. Bigelow bails then the officials keep him from going back inside. After nearly a year-and-a-half they finally found something for Bomb. He got a pretty good reaction in this segment too and appears to be clicking as a babyface.


We get an ad for the WWF Merchandise Catalog.


The Headshrinkers w/ Afa & Capt. Lou Albano vs. Mike Bell & Tony DeVito

Vince believes that the Headshrinkers will be Tag Team Champions again. Lawler makes fun of The Headshrinkers & Albano for being morons but as Bell shoves Fatu then lands a few shots. Bell drops Fatu with a clothesline then a dropkick. Bell celebrates after hitting a DDT but Fatu popped right up and hit a thrust kick. We see Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz still on strike as Samu beats down DeVito. We then see Shawn & Diesel in an insert promo saying they’ll hold on to the titles as long as they want to as Diesel jokingly says “somebody stop us, please.” The Headshrinkers stay in control until they put Bell away when Fatu hits a top rope splash (3:54).

Thoughts: Shawn & Diesel’s promo was good as a rematch against The Headshrinkers seems inevitable.


Vince narrates a video package on the Luger/Tatanka match at SummerSlam, set to some dramatic music. Vince sold the shit out of this as usual but this feud and turn did not get over like they would have hoped, even at this point.


We now hear from Luger. He tells Tatanka he’ll never turn his back again and now will pay the price and consequences. Luger says he is here to take Tatanka out. After looking like a complete dipshit Luger is now out for revenge.


The announcers hype WWF Magazine, with Doink the Clown on the cover. Lawler plugs an interview he has in the magazine.


Josh Adler is the special guest ring announcer. He deadpans this as Vince even comments about how the kid does not seem excited for Yokozuna.


Yokozuna vs. Steve King

Vince notes that once again Mr. Fuji & Cornette are not with Yokozuna. Vince then mentions that Fuji & Cornette are scared of The Undertaker as King gets tossed then choked out. Vince says that there is only one Undertaker as Yokozuna slams King to the floor. That made a loud thud. Yokozuna drags King back inside and chops him down before stepping on his throat. Yokozuna stays in control then hits a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (2:10). After the match, we hear The Undertaker’s gong as Yokozuna is petrified.

Thoughts: The Yokozuna/Undertaker feud is back and a confrontation between the two seems imminent.


Another Live Event News segment on the Hart Attack tour.


Next week, we will see The Bushwhackers vs. Well Dunn. Also in action are Jeff Jarrett, Bob Backlund, and The Undertaker. Plus, “Heartbreak Hotel” with guests Tatanka & Ted DiBiase.


We then see the replay of Lawler popping all of Dink’s balloons as well as a few other clips from the matches.


Final Thoughts: Some more post-SummerSlam feuds were set up on this show, including the big angle between Bomb and Bigelow. Luckily, I have a full copy of next week’s show as we are getting closer to building towards Survivor Series.