Tag team longevity

Two part question.  I posed this question in the comments section of the thread on the Uso's, but since no one really gives a shit about the Uso's it didn't garner much conversation.  The Uso's are coming up on 10 years straight in the E and I don't believe were ever split up for singles pushes.  Neither one ever turned on the other.  10 years…..as Andre would say, it's a long time.  Are there any other tag teams that were together for that many consecutive years that didn't split up (injuries sidelining one of them don't count).

I won't say I have much knowledge pre-1980 but the only one at least since then I can think of is maybe the Road Warriors?  Started in '83 and pretty much went straight through until end of '92 when Hawk went to New Japan.

Is this some kind of accomplishment that should be talked about or does it speak to the mediocrity of them that neither Uso could set themselves apart from the other enough in 10 years to deserve a singles push?

I think it's more about the inertia of the WWE system these days, but it's absolutely amazing that no one has tried to split them up, absolutely.  I would have never guessed that they'd become a top level team from watching them back in 2009 with Tamina, but good for them!