A Howard Cosell Moment?

For your younger readers, Howard Cosell was the godfather of boxing announcers, calling over 30 years of boxing matches and garnering more viewers for a fight on ABC than RAW currently gets over six months combined.
That was until November 26, 1982, when Larry Holmes defended the heavyweight title against a woefully outclassed Randall "Tex" Cobb. It was clear by the 10th round that Cobb had no chance to win, yet Holmes continued to pummel Cobb's face into hamburger for another five rounds, and nobody put a stop to it. Howard Cosell was so disgusted by the incompetence that he never called another boxing match again, ending the Golden Era of boxing.
Kabuki Warriors vs Flair/Lynch never had a chance of becoming a great main event. They proved that to be the case in the first ten minutes. Then Kairi Sane suffered a major concussion. This is the point where saner heads (no pun intended) realize that it's time to, in the words of JR, stop the damned match. But no…they left them out there to drown in apathy for another FIFTEEN MINUTES! Worse still, they risked causing permanent harm to one of their performers…who, like Cobb, was never going to quit on her own accord. For what purpose? Because a sheet of paper said the match had to go 25 minutes, and nobody had the balls to call an audible?
If somebody isn't held accountable for this debacle, then anyone that continues to support this company is complicit.

No one will be held accountable and they'll just pretend that Sane has a neck injury and move onto the Royal Rumble.  That's life in the circus, unfortunately.