What the World Was Watching: WCW Pro – November 25, 1995

WCW Prime featured a few new bouts, with Chris Cruise and Dusty Rhodes calling the action.  Cruise is dressed as a Puritan woman, while Dusty has male Pilgrim garb.  A turkey mascot, also in Pilgrim costume, dances behind them throughout the show.

Eddie Guerrero (11-2-4) pins Dusty Wolfe after a frog splash at 4:23:

Wolfe was a long-time jobber in the big leagues, wrestling on the independent circuit as Doink the Clown.  Guerrero spends the middle of the match trapped in a chinlock before a Wolfe blind charge leads into Guerrero’s patented brainbuster-frog splash combination.

A new Dungeon of Doom promo sees the One Man Gang appear as part of the faction.  Gang did not receive any hype before this broadcast aired, so his arrival was sudden.  The Giant, Hugh Morrus, Gang, and Kevin Sullivan all give Hulk Hogan a warning that his days are numbered, and that the Dungeon will prevail in the World War 3 battle royal.

There was a Paul Orndorff-Cobra match but the video of it cuts out.  Orndorff probably prevailed, but existing footage of the match is gone, and available WCW records are unable to shed light on who won so this will be skipped for record keeping purposes.

And now to WCW Pro for November 25, with Cruise, Dusty, and Larry Zbyszko in the booth.  They are taped from Orlando, Florida.

Opening Contest:  Lex Luger (w/Jimmy Hart) (5-3) beats Bart Sawyer via submission to the Torture Rack at 4:28:

Luger’s tweener character moves forward as he is accompanied to the ring by heel manager Jimmy Hart for the first time.  He leans into the heel role with a gusto, posing for the crowd and throwing Sawyer over the top rope behind the referee’s back.  That makes this squash look tolerable and Luger seems to be enjoying himself in the ring for the first time since 1993.

The American Males (11-2) defeat the State Patrol (1-8) when Scotty Riggs pins Lieutenant James Earl at 4:08 shown:

The Males beat the Patrol in September and October and the Patrol do their best to avoid three straight losses by isolating Marcus Bagwell and scoring near-falls from a double inverted suplex and a backbreaker from Lieutenant James Earl.  The hot tag sequence does not last long as Riggs tags in and the Males catch Earl with their double dropkick to prevail.  Rating:  *½

Gene Okerlund provides the final World War 3 Control Center.  New names added to the battle royal include Dave Taylor, Hugh Morrus, and Super Assassins 1 & 2.

Scott Norton (5-1-1) pins Terry Morgan after a reverse shoulderbreaker in 58 seconds:

Morgan must be super afraid of Norton’s power as he bumps too soon before Norton hits him with some clotheslines.  Norton takes care of business easily, winning in less than a minute.

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The New Japan portion of the broadcast begins, with Sonny Onoo replacing Dusty and Zbyszko.  Cruise is not happy to be shilling the Japanese portion of the show and Onoo tells him that his Chevy is going to be replaced by a Mitsubishi.

Masahiro Chono (1-0) beats Dave Sullivan (9-8-1) via submission to the STF at 4:39:

Slow strikes dominate this contest, as Sullivan mounts a marginally better challenge to Chono than Eddie Jackie did two weeks ago.  Sullivan thinks he is on the way to victory after a suplex but Chono comes off the ropes with a Mafia kick and follows up with a flying shoulder block.  That sets up the STF, which Dave quickly submits to.  Rating:  ½*

United States Championship Match:  Kensuke Sasaki (Champion) (0-1) beats Cobra (6-8) via submission to Strangle Hold Beta at 3:19:

This marks Sasaki’s first title defense after beating Sting for the belt in Japan.  Sasaki has a hilarious sell of a side Russian leg sweep, immediately popping up on his knees and remembering that he needs to grab his head.  Cobra catches Sasaki with a powerslam out of nowhere, but Sasaki kicks out at one.  Sasaki proceeds to cut off Cobra’s comeback with a powerslam of his own and Cobra quickly submits to Strangle Hold Beta.  This was just a glorified squash, which is fine due to Cobra’s low status and plans for Sasaki to be a big part of this WCW-New Japan angle.  Rating:  *

Cruise tells Onoo that WCW did an investigation into Bobby Heenan’s sale of airtime to New Japan and found it invalid.  As a result, New Japan is thrown off of WCW Pro much to Onoo’s chagrin.  Evidently Heenan suckered Onoo into making a deal and stole his money.

The Last Word:  So Chris Cruise hates working for the New Japan portion of WCW Pro but waits until the last segment to tell Sonny Onoo that he does not actually own the last thirty minutes of the show?  He could have saved himself a big hassle if he just told Onoo that before the second half of today’s broadcast.  It does fit Bobby Heenan’s character to a t to scam someone, so that is about as good of a way to explain that transaction away to fans.  The highlight of this show was Lex Luger’s squash at the beginning as the rest was the usual C-show fare.

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