Another Petty Gripe


You know what needs to be retired from modern pro wrestling? The spot where a guy hits a big move and then is SHOCKED that the other guy kicked out. I think I liked it exactly once: when Shawn kicked out of the tombstone at Mania 25. Now it's seemingly done in every match, sometimes multiple times.

Last week on NXT Matt Riddle kicked Kassius Ohno and did the "OMG I can't believe it didn't work" face after the kickout at 2. Dude, it's a squash match at 10:20 pm on NXT TV. It's not the main event of Wrestlemania.

Can we please retire this stupid thing…or at least save it for main event matches of major shows?

I wish we could, but they're actually teaching the new people now to do that exact spot.  It's actually kind of astonishing to me that they'd take time to make it a part of the match structure, along with working to the hard camera and all their other stupid stuff.