Show Don’t Tell

OK, I feel like this topic needs to be spun off into its own thread, so I grabbed a comment from the Dynamite thread.

"As much as I think some of AEW's detractors are…purposefully obtuse at times, I have to agree on the Cody/QT/MJF thing.

This is show don't tell stuff. I enjoyed the match; I enjoyed QT surprising people; i would have enjoyed it more if it was really put over before hand that this was MJF putting Cody in check. And that insert promo gets the bare minimum of credit.

I appreciate that they are still trying to figure out the balance of creating drama without spelling everything out, but they are erring too much on the side of telling too little"

Yeah, so as I alluded to in the original review, this is not an effective way to build an audience.  I kind of joked about not really wanting to watch extra content to understand the story, but it's TRUE.  The argument from the gatekeepers is that "Oh, it's on YouTube on Being the Elite", but what is Being the Elite?  Who are the Elite?  Is that Cutler guy part of the Elite since he hangs out with the Young Bucks?  Was MJF part of the Elite?  They don't answer any of these questions on the TV show that they're trying to convince 800K people to watch every week and that's fucking annoying to me.  And yeah, you can be all WHATTABOUT?!? with WWE but WWE has a diehard rock bottom audience of 2 million people who watch their shows every week no matter what stupid shit they do or don't do in the name of storytelling.  We're not talking about them, let's focus here.  

Another great analogy was brought forth in the comments as well, in that AEW is currently telling stories like Marvel Comics, with a dense backstory that you need a physics degree to understand, and they should be telling stories like Marvel Cinematic Universe instead.  The argument is that "Oh, the announcers already told us that Adam Page left the Elite".  So why not SHOW THAT?  They're got five extra minutes to have the guy talk to his TV set in his hotel room, but they can't show a clip of Page deciding to "leave the Elite", whatever that means?  And while I'm at it, how were we supposed to know that the two jobbers even had a team name?  Have they ever been announced as "The Beaver Brothers" or whatever the fuck they were called on Dynamite?  Not everyone is watching all your content like devoted hardcore nerds, and it's really insulting to be excluded in all those little ways and it's the kind of thing that makes people resentful.  It makes me feel like "If you don't want my business, I will stop watching".  Not to say I'm gonna stop watching the show, because it's great, but I totally get where people would be coming from.  

Clearly they have an audience who wants to be sold to.  So sell to them!  Anyway, there you go, my rant on this for the morning.