Doink The Clown

I was just re-watching some early 1990's stuff with Doink.  He was really over as a heel at one point there, well as over as you could get at one of the worst periods for the WWF creatively.  Was he ever in line for a big push, or was it kind of lightning in a bottle with him?  His face turn towards the end of 1993 was one of the more nonsensical, un-needed turns ever.  
No, he was definitely in line for a big push.  If anything he ended up underachieving because Matt Borne was such a flake, and then no one else could pull the same mix of creepy and yet silly that he brought to the table.  In fact, given the resurgence of "creepy evil clowns" as a thing these days, I'm surprised they haven't rebooted the character again with someone new in the role.