Fwd: NXT: Victim of its Own Success?

Hey Scott–

Now that it's well established that NXT is handily destroying AEW on

Wednesdays and Cody's promotion is on its deathbed, is the end also

near for NXT as we know it?

With NXT taking a more prominent position (live on Wednesdays against

AEW, all the Survivor Series nonsense, bringing Raw/Smackdown guys in

to "invade") I just have this sinking feeling that Vince is going to

start mucking with it more and more. What makes NXT so great is that

it's far removed from Vince and his army of writer monkeys. I worry

that in the wake of NXT beating AEW a couple of weeks in a row, the

lesson Vince will take away is that it's the Raw/SD "influence" that

turned the tide and he'll start tinkering with it until NXT is as much

of a chore as Monday and Friday nights are.

What do you think? Is Vince going to mess with the Wednesday show or

does Triple H put his foot down? Or will Vince be too busy pretending

to be a football mogul to care?

I guess we'll find out in the next few weeks.  But I think as long as it's still competitive on Wednesdays, Vince will mostly let HHH do his own thing.