WWF Madison Square Garden – August 25, 1994

August 25, 1994

This is fan-cam version of the show. Its missing the opening match, which was Pierre vs. Sparky Plugg.


Harvey Whippleman comes into the ring and starts to address the “ignorant” people in attendance. Whippleman taunts the New York sports fans by saying the Houston Rockets and Atlanta Braves are winners before introducing Kwang. This arena is dark tonight and with an attendance of just 4,300 its not tough to see why. Just generic heel heat by insulting local sports teams.


Kwang w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Adam Bomb

Bomb had a fog machine as part of his entrance. Bomb gets attacked as he entered the ring. Kwang fires away in the corner but Bomb fights back. Bomb catches Kwang with a hip toss and a slam then Kwang rolls outside for a breather. Bomb heads out and gets hit with a throat thrust but is able to send Kwang into the steps after reversing an Irish whip. Bomb slingshots inside with a clothesline then signals that this match is over, hyping up the crowd in the process. Whippleman jumps up on the apron to distract Bomb, however,and Kwang comes back with a throat thrust. Kwang then spits his mist after using an enziguiri and starts hammering away. Bomb fights back and we get a reversal sequence ending with Bomb hitting a dropkick. Kwang reverses an Irish whip and follows up with a spinning heel kick in the corner then goes back to the attacking the neck. Bomb eventually escapes from a chin lock and ducks a hook kick before using a crossbody for a two count. Kwang takes Bomb back down to work a nerve hold and Bomb finally breaks free from that to hit a clothesline. Bomb heads up top but Kwang cuts him off. Kwang climbs up and hits a superplex that looked like it almost killed Bomb and gets two. Bomb rolls away from a flipping senton then runs wild. Whippleman is back up on the apron but gets knocked off then Kwang whiffs on a kick and Bomb puts him away with a DDT (9:54) *1/2.

Thoughts: This started off decently but slowed down a lot and the end was messy. Bomb’s comeback looked bad and there appeared to be some communication issues. Anyway, Bomb was the one getting a push and the win made sense. He is also getting a decent enough reaction from the crowd since turning. His look isn’t bad and he has agility to go along with size but still a work in progress.


Heavenly Bodies vs. The Bushwhackers

The Bushwhackers have a fan with them in the ring to march along with Prichard yelling at them for looking stupid. The fan leaves but The Bushwhackers keep marching. The Bodies try to get heat by marching like The Bushwhackers then end up getting bit in the ass. The Bodies return to attack The Bushwhackers from behind but that gets foiled soon enough as The Bushwhackers clear the ring then march around once again. We get some more comedy with The Bodies making asses of themselves and having to regroup. The Bodies finally take control of the match after trapping Luke in the corner. The Bodies cut the ring in half as the guy filming now talks about forgetting to renew his “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” subscription. Luke avoids a corner splash then tags out as Butch runs wild. The Bushwhackers hit a battering ram but as the ref was ordering Luke back to the apron, Prichard hits a knee drop then Del Ray goes on top and gets the win (11:32) 1/4*. After the match, The Bushwhackers clear the ring and march around.

Thoughts: No way this should have lasted as long as it did but at least the Bodies were total pros in this match. The repetitiveness took the crowd out of it but they were into the Bushwhackers early.


WWF Women’s Title Match: Bull Nakano w/ Luna Vachon vs. Alundra Blayze (c)

For some reason they used Kamala’s old entrance theme music for Nakano. We get some back-and-forth to start that ends with Nakano using a hair whip. Nakano uses a few more hair whips then gets two with a leg drop. Nakano applies a chin lock then starts to stretch out Blayze. We see Blayze fight back and use a hurricarana but Nakano drops her after a lifting choke. Nakano is back to stretching out Blayze. Nakano now hammers away before using the Bull’s Angelito. Nakano remains in control and even counters a piledriver attempt by Blayze. However, Blayze surprises her with a rollup for a two count. Blayze then bridges out of a pin but gets flattened with a lariat. Blayze uses a backslide for a nearfall but Nakano counters a hurricarana with a powerbomb. Nakano heads up top after a slam but misses a leg drop then Blayze screws up a victory roll but right after that uses a bridging German suplex for the win (8:14) **1/2. After the match we see Blayze walk around the ring holding the title belt.

Thoughts: Solid match but it did feel like both women were rushing to get to the finish, which got screwed up. Anyway, the style of match here is so much better than the Fabulous Moolah-like stuff we saw throughout the 80’s. The crowd seemed to appreciate what they did here but its still a major work in progress in getting this division over with fans.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs. The Headshrinkers w/ Afa & Capt. Lou Albano

Shawn is getting a good amount of cheers but this guy near camera keeps screaming that he is a “faggot.” Before everyone else came out, Shawn said he was going to rock the house then he introduced Diesel. Samu and Shawn work a fast-paced Irish whip sequence but that ends with Shawn getting double-teamed and clotheslined outside after some wicked bumps on the ropes. Diesel then runs in to hit a double clothesline but uses a double noggin knocker like an idiot and that allows The Headshrinkers to double-team in the corner before sending him outside with a stereo thrust kicks. Shawn then gets skied on a back drop to the outside while Diesel is dumped again as the crowd is back alive. Shawn & Diesel head up the aisle then return as we now get Diesel and Samu in the ring. They trade off working the arm until Fatu tags in and hits a headbutt to the midsection. Diesel cut off Fatu with a knee smash then takes him down with a clothesline after Shawn kicked Fatu in the back from the apron. Fatu also decked Shawn off the apron after he was taken down. Shawn drops Fatu across the guardrail and sends him back inside where Diesel hammers away. Shawn tags in and applies a chin lock but Fatu escapes and hits a backbreaker as both men are down. Shawn is able to tag out first and Diesel drops an elbow for two. Diesel now uses a chin lock then after the match breaks down for a little bit we see Shawn toss Fatu through the ropes. Shawn flies out with a double axe handle then uses a front face lock in the ring while the ref is distracted. Shawn officially tags in but the Rocket Launcher misses as both men are down. Samu eventually tags in and runs wild as Shawn rag-dolls around. The match has completely broken down now then Shawn shoves Fatu off of the top rope. Diesel holds up Fatu for Shawn as Shawn grabs the belt but that misses and Diesel gets decked then Fatu hits a superplex as everyone is down, including Fatu in the outside. Samu covers but Diesel is just able to kick out as the ref is still down on the mat. Diesel gets a small package as this match is just a mess with the ref out on the mat and the super slow counting. Fatu heads up for a splash on Diesel then Shawn pulls Samu outside and whips him into the stairs. Shawn grabs the belt and hits Fatu but that just angers Fatu, who takes the belt and hits Shawn as the ref sees that then rings the bell for the DQ (18:04) ***1/2.

Thoughts: A damn good match with an incredible performance by Shawn. The bumps Shawn took were insane. The finish was a complete clusterfuck and hurt the overall story but everything else was a blast and Shawn & Diesel were getting tons of cheers.


Bam Bam Bigelow & Jeff Jarrett vs. Mabel w/ Oscar & Doink the Clown w/ Dink

Jarrett attacks Doink before the bell but Doink comes back with an atomic drop. Bigelow and Mabel tag in now and go back-and-forth for a bit. Bigelow & Jarrett have some miscommunication then get embarrassed before they are able to attack Doink from behind. Doink fights back until he gets trapped in the opposing corner. Doink is able to tag out as Mabel cleans house and is about to put Jarrett away but Bigelow hits him with a running clothesline and gets the win (5:48) 1/2*.

Thoughts: A sloppy match with a dumb finish. Just bad all around to be honest. With IRS being hyped to face Tatanka around the house show circuit, Jarrett became Bigelow’s partner and we revisited the seemingly dropped Jarrett/Doink program.


Strap Match: IRS vs. Tatanka

IRS tells us that Native Americans cheat on their taxes too. First to touch all four corners wins. IRS attacks Tatanka to start and stomps away then tosses him outside where he smashes his head off of the steps. Tatanka is rolled back inside and IRS fnally straps his arm and uses it to clothesline Tatanka before choking him out. Tatanka finally fights back and chokes out IRS before touching two of the four corners until IRS outsmarts him and pulls the rope while Tatanka was in midair. IRS tosses Tatanka outside again but Tatanka pulls him out and sends him into the post. The action heads back inside where Tatanka fires up and runs wild then touches three of the four corners and lands soome kicks but IRS is able to pull himself away. Tatanka whips IRS with the strap then tries a suplex but IRS reverses that as both men are down. IRS now touches the corners with Tatanka crawling behind him and touching them afterwards. Both men have touched three corners then they do everything they can to touch the fourth and Tatanka punches IRS, who staggers into the fourth corner and hits it and gets the win (7:41) *. After the match, Tatanka hammers away until IRS is able to escape.

Thoughts: Another bad finish to a match that was not dramatic and rather dull for a feud blowoff. And with Tatanka deep in the Luger/DiBiase storyline the crowd heat was non-existent.


“King of Harts” Owen Hart & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart vs. Razor Ramon & Bret “The Hitman” Hart

This crowd detests Owen & Neidhart. Match starts off with Razor and Neidhart but they switch out for Bret and Owen. Lockup to start for the Hart Brothers then Owen shoves Bret after a break and retreats to the corner. Owen taunts the crowd that he will soon become the next champion then works a hammerlock. Bret reverses and then the two do some counters on the mat ending with Bret using a hammerlock. Bret works the arm then gets a nearfall with a crucifix. Bret goes back to the arm then almost gets the win with a rollup. Bret uses another rollup for a two count as Owen bails once again, this time to talk with his partner. Razor and Neidhart are now the legal men. Neidhart shoves Razor down then grabs a side headlock. Neidhart toys with Razor by slapping him off the back of the head but after that gets tripped up and Razor returns the favor. Razor now works the arm then knocks Neidhart outside. Owen is back in and slaps Razor across the face after a float over but bails when Razor blocked a dropkick. Owen comes back and almost gets put away with the Razor’s Edge as Neidhart made the save. Neidhart then attacks Razor from behind to allow his team to gain control of the match. Owen & Neidhart cut the ring in half while constantly running interference. Owen lands an enziguiri for a two count then lays in some European uppercuts. Neidhart covers after a double clothesline and gets two then collides with Razor in one of the most awkward looking spots of the night. Neidhart prevents Razor from making the tag with a front facelock then Owen knocks Bret off of the apron for good measure. Bret chases Owen around the ring as Owen is able to make it back unscathed. Owen tags in but Razor surprises him with a small package for two. Owen hits a leg drop for a two count then applies a chin lock. Razor comes back to chokeslam Owen as both men are down then Neidhart runs in to tie up the ref as to not see the Razor make a tag. Owen then accidentally dropkicks Neidhart through the ropes as Razor moved out of the way and then Razor makes the tag. Bret runs wild on his brother using his signature moves then rams Owen into Neidhart. Bret fires away in the corner and jumps onto Neidhart but gets caught and that leads to the heels using a Hart Attack. Razor runs in for the save then as Bret has Owen up for a slam, Neidhart runs in to push Owen on top before bailing but Bret rolls through that and ends up getting the win (15:15) ***.

Thoughts: Fun match and a good way to send the crowd home happy. Owen had the most crowd heat out of any performer on the show. Razor actually was made to look the weakest out of anyone else in the match, which is odd considering he is being pushed in his Intercontinental Title match at the PPV while someone like Neidhart has the role of a second on the outside of a cage. You can even say the same about Owen eating the pin but considering it is an non-televised show I suppose it does not matter all that much.


Final Thoughts: Although the attendance for this show was pathetic, we had two good tag matches and another solid match in Blayze/Nakano, making this a decent house show offering. And this show and the rest of the Summer Sizzler tour was pushed hard on TV but it still did not matter at the box office. Skip the rest but a few good matches it pretty much the best you can expect from a fan-cam offering.