Monday Night Raw – December 9, 2019

Monday Night Raw
Date: December 9, 2019
Location: Bon Secours Wellness Arena, Greenville, South Carolina
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Samoa Joe, Corey Graves

I know it seems ridiculous but we are only six days away Tables, Ladders and Chairs. There are only a handful of matches confirmed for the show so tonight is going to be all about rapid fire build, because that’s the best thing this company knows how to do these days. Expect some more from AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton, and of course Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley. Let’s get to it.

Jerry Lawler is in the ring with table and chairs so Rusev and Lana can get divorced. Lana and her lawyer come out and Lawler reads off a statement, saying that the restraining order has been lifted. Rusev, in a Donald Duck shirt, comes out and has a seat as Lana rants about she never loved him. He isn’t allowed to speak because this is always about him. Rusev Day went to his head and it’s time to get on their feet to yell at the fans.

Rusev says this is how his marriage went and Lana needs to calm down. He’s the one who needs protection this week and we see a clip of Lashley and Lana being arrested last week. Lana rants about how Rusev will never have anyone like her, but Rusev says he can’t stand her now so why would he want another. Lana screams about how Rusev Day and the WWE Universe destroyed her marriage, nearly breaking down in tears. Rusev says this is ridiculous and wants to sign the divorce papers.

They’re ready to sign but Lana insists that she sign first. Lana: “I get the dog!” They get in an argument over the dog, which is giving me flashbacks to HHH and Stephanie back in the day. Lana emphatically signs but Rusev needs something from her before he signs. Lana thinks he means sex in a variety of places but instead it’s a match with Lashley. Cue Lashley to say he wants the divorce finalized so he can marry Lana. They agree to a match at some point and Rusev signs, triggering the brawl. Lashley beats him up on the floor but Rusev suplexes him through the table back inside.

Kevin Owens accuses AOP of attacking him because Seth Rollins ordered them to do so. Last week he got away though, and that’s a problem for AOP. Owens walks off and runs into Rey Mysterio, who offers to have his back against the AOP if he needs someone. Actually make that the pipe has Owens’ back and Owens accepts.

Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre

On his way to the ring, Drew talks about Matt having a newborn son and the cross eyed look shows that it really is Matt’s. Drew knows Matt is a true professional, but he’s made some mistakes outside of the ring and maybe him reproducing isn’t a good idea. Hardy slugs him into the corner and hits a Twist of Fate as we take a break. Back with the bell ringing and Matt clotheslining him out to the floor. Drew breaks up the Twist of Fate with a shove into the steps though and Matt is in trouble. The Futureshock into the Claymore finish Matt at 2:21.

We look back at the Kabuki Warriors defeating Charlotte last week.

Charlotte offers Becky Lynch some help against the Kabuki Warriors but Lynch has this one on her own.

Owens and his pipe look for the AOP, though Mojo Rawley isn’t sure which way they went. He suggests three directions so Owens hits him in the face, saying Mojo just went in the down direction.

Here are the Viking Raiders to issue an open challenge for their gold. Or silver.

Batista is going to the Hall of Fame. Well deserved.

Tag Team Titles: Viking Raiders vs. Street Profits

The Profits are challenging. Erik misses the shotgun knees in the corner and it’s a spinebuster into the frog splash for two on Erik with Ivar diving in for a save. We settle down to Ivar and Ford trading cartwheels until a spinwheel kick gets two on Ford. Dawkins plants Ivar for two more but it’s back to Ford, who walks into the Viking Experience for the pin at 3:12.

Rating: C+. They packed some stuff in here, just like they would do down in NXT. That being said, I’m rather surprised that the Profits lost so quickly. It’s not like they were severely damaged though as they got in the best near fall on the Raiders yet and it’s not like they got squashed. It was fun while it lasted if nothing else.

Post match respect is shown but here is Seth Rollins for a chat. Everyone else leaves though because the respect is gone. Rollins wants the AOP out here right now but gets Owens instead. Rollins says there is no need for the piper but Owens begs to differ. We see the AOP arriving in the back and it’s off to a break. Back with Rollins saying the AOP is going to come out here and beat Owens up but it has nothing to do with him.

That’s enough to make Rollins leave so here’s the AOP to speak their native languages. Owens says those are all good points and he wants them down here one at a time. Cue Sami Zayn and Mojo Rawley with Sami saying he has a managerial license to jump from Raw and Smackdown. Rather than just being a manager though, Sami is a liberator and that’s what Owens needs right now.

What Owens did to Mojo backstage was too far and Sami wants an apology. They’re about to fight but Sami intervenes, citing the STEEL PIPE in Owens’ hand. Mojo: “Anyone is tough with a pipe in their hands.” Owens wants to test that and throws it to Mojo, setting him up for the Stunner. A few pipe shots to the back leave Mojo laying and send Sami running.

Post break, Owens’ hunt continues.

Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy is set for TLC so Murphy promises to beat him on Sunday.

Aleister Black vs. Akira Tozawa

Tozawa works on the arm to start and has to bail into the corner off the threat of a kick. Some armdrags let Black grab the arm again but a spinning kick to the head misses again. Tozawa snaps off a hurricanrana to the floor but the suicide headbutt is kneed out of the air. Black Mass finishes Tozawa at 3:35.

Rating: C-. The slaughter of the cruiserweights continues as Black claims another one. That being said, the image of Black Mass hitting Tozawa in the face was a great visual as that thing hit to perfection. In theory that makes Buddy the next big challenger but I’m not sure how that is going to go.

Video on Humberto Carrillo.

Humberto is ready for an interview but Zelina Vega and Andrade come in. Yelling ensues and a match is set for tonight.

Liv Morgan’s makeover is coming soon.

Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo

Andrade won’t let Carrillo start with the flips so it’s a backdrop into a chinlock. Back up and an elbow to the face sets up a running kick to the same face for two. Carrillo gets sent to the top but spins around and hits a high crossbody. Andrade is sent to the floor for the big moonsault and we take a break.

Back with Carrillo backflipping into a moonsault for two but Andrade blocks a superplex attempt. That means the top rope double stomp can get two but Andrade misses the running knees in the corner. Carrillo scores with a missile dropkick into the Aztec Press (which almost completely misses) for two, as there was no way you could give up a fall off something like that.

A spinning back elbow to the face gives Andrade two and now the double knees in the corner connect. Carrillo pops back up with the running dropkick in the corner though, drawing Vega to the apron. Andrade is sent into her though and it’s a victory roll to finish Andrade at 11:04.

Rating: C+. This is how you give Carrillo a push if they insist on doing so. Andrade and Vega having some issues may not be the best idea in the world but it’s better than just having Andrade go nowhere. At least now he’s got some kind of a story to go with it, which hasn’t been the case for a long time.

Post match Andrade blames Vega for the loss and they argue a lot.

Rey Mysterio isn’t ready to lose his US Title back to AJ Styles tonight.

Remember how Owens couldn’t find the AOP? He still can’t.

Zack Ryder vs. Buddy Murphy

During the entrance, Aleister Black says Murphy will regret picking a fight with him. Buddy starts fast and takes him down for some knees to the back. The chinlock doesn’t last long as Ryder is back with a faceplant and the running forearm in the corner. The Broski Boot sends Murphy outside but Curt Hawkins gets taken out. Back in and the jumping knee to the face sets up Murphy’s Law to give Buddy the fast pin at 2:00.

Owens finds the AOP’s van and unloads on it with the pipe. The AOP comes in and beats him down. Someone is in the back of the van and….of course it’s Rollins. Seth says it’s come to this and Stomps him onto the bare concrete. Rollins looks at the AOP and they leave together. So to recap, here are the last few weeks:

Owens: “You’re with the AOP!”

Seth: “No I’m not!”

Owens: “Yes you are!”

Rollins: “No I’m not! Ok I am!”

Post break Rollins is in the arena to rant about how everything should have gone perfectly for him. He gave everything he had for every one of the fans but they booed him anyway. Rollins doesn’t care for the fans getting on the Owens’ bandwagon because Owens if the flavor of the month. It was true that he wasn’t with the AOP but no one believed him. What does Rollins have to do to get the people’s respect? All of this negativity has turned into a self fulfilling prophecy as he is now standing with AOP. They come out to stand by his side and all three leave together.

Owens is loaded into an ambulance.

Becky Lynch vs. Kabuki Warriors

Non-title. Becky suplexes Asuka to the floor to start but the numbers advantage lets Asuka choke away in the corner. Back from a break with Becky hitting a dropkick and kicking them both down. A double DDT gets two on Kairi but she’s back up to slam Becky off the top. Asuka’s missile dropkick misses though and there’s the Bexploder. The middle rope legdrop misses though and it’s the Asuka Lock, only to have Lynch reverse into one of her own.

The Warriors are sent to the floor but Asuka knees Becky in the face to put them all down. Lynch beats the count back in, where Asuka hits a Shining Wizard for two more. A Doomsday forearm gets the same but the Insane Elbow hits raised knees. Asuka breaks up the Disarm Her but it’s a Rock Bottom to plant Asuka. The Disarm Her is broken up by Asuka and Becky doesn’t know what else to do. They go outside again and Asuka chairs her in the ribs for the DQ at 13:04.

Rating: C. I didn’t like the ending here but it’s time to set up a TLC match on Sunday so we need to get that out of the way. The Tag Team Title match should be fun but I’m not exactly looking forward to the rapid fire “hey we’re friendly enough now to fight the champs”, which is likely taking place later tonight.

Post match the Warriors pull out a chair and another Insane Elbow puts Lynch through the table.

The OC is ready to get the US Title back. If Randy Orton gets involved, they’ll end his career, either forever or for life.

The NWO is coming to the Hall of Fame as well. As they should, though Syxx being included is a bit of a stretch.

Charlotte interrupts Becky getting treatment on her shoulder. Becky doesn’t want to hear it so Charlotte leaves….and gets jumped by the Warriors.

Erick Rowan vs. ???

The jobber hits the floor at the bell and grabs Rowan’s cage. He runs it up to the stage, leaves it there, goes back to the ring and tells the referee to count. That’s good for eight and there’s the Iron Claw (make it two) to give Rowan…..a win via referee stoppage for a change of pace at 1:18.

In the back, the Warriors challenge Becky and Charlotte to challenge them to a match at TLC.

Charlotte and Becky agree to fight the Warriors. For the titles. In a TLC match.

And now, the Monday After Weekend Update with the Street Profits. It’s more or less Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update with a bunch of jokes hyping up the TLC card.

US Title: Rey Mysterio vs. AJ Styles

Mysterio is defending. AJ takes him down to start but a rollup gives Rey a fast two. The frustration is already high for AJ so he sends Rey chest first into the corner. A catapult sends Rey into the corner again, albeit a little harder this time. The chinlock goes on for a bit but Rey sends him outside and hits the Asai moonsault for the big knockdown. Cue the OC and the distraction lets AJ send Rey into the post as we take a break.

Back with AJ dropkicking him out of the air for two as Mysterio is in trouble. AJ sends him outside but Rey gets back in for a slingshot sunset bomb into the barricade. That’s only good for nine each so Rey starts slugging away back inside. The springboard seated senton and a legdrop give Rey two, followed by a tornado DDT for the same. An Alley Oop plants Rey on his face but he sends AJ into the ropes for the 619.

The OC offer a distraction though and it’s a fireman’s carry backbreaker to give AJ two more. Rey is back up and tries the super hurricanrana but gets countered into….well almost countered into the super Styles Clash as they can’t get it to work right. AJ hits a regular version instead, allowing Randy Orton to come in and…wink at AJ instead of hitting the RKO. Rey small packages AJ to retain at 14:19.

Rating: C+. Good enough stuff here with the ending being a nice little surprise instead of the expected RKO. Mysterio retaining the title works well, though I’m not sure who he is supposed to defend against next. Maybe McIntyre, but I’m not sure how much good that title would do him. At least we should get AJ vs. Orton on Sunday.

We are off the air IMMEDIATELY with the ring announcer only saying “And still the United States!”

Overall Rating: B-. This was a different kind of show with a hard focus on a few stories. Those stories worked out well enough with a few matches being good enough to back things up. They had to hit the hard sell to TLC because they have no time to get there any other way. It felt like a different kind of show and that’s a good sound after everything else that this show has done in the last few months. Just get us to next week’s show so we can move on to the Royal Rumble build and some actual time. Not a great show, but a different enough style to make it work.


Drew McIntyre b. Matt Hardy – Claymore

Viking Raiders b. Street Profits – Viking Experience to Ford

Aleister Black b. Akira Tozawa – Black Mass

Humberto Carrillo b. Andrade – Victory roll

Buddy Murphy b. Zack Ryder – Murphy’s Law

Becky Lynch b. Kabuki Warriors via DQ when Asuka used a chair

Erick Rowan b. ??? via referee stoppage

Rey Mysterio b. AJ Styles – Small package

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