What’s a Fan to Do?


I have been a wrestling fan probably for as long as you have. I broke in because of Hulkamania in the 80s and have been here ever since, even through the dark times of the early 90s. I have probably been following you since 1999-ish from the Wrestleline days. So I have frequented the comments section of your various sites for many years now. I've even written a few things for your previous site and even created my own wrestling recap blog (long since given up now).

But in 2019, I find myself enjoying the WWE Network vault, and have not watched a single hour of any wrestling program (WWE, AEW, anything really) since probably whatever Wrestlemania it was that took 9 days to complete. I find that I don't have anything more than 45 minutes to an hour daily to devote to anything on the Network, but still enjoy what I see. 

Current WWE has lost me, and AEW (I read the recaps) has not reeled me in. I feel my smarkdom waning, as I could care less about ratings wars, 5-star matches and definitely don't want to stick around for the WWE vs AEW bickering. 

What the hell happens if one day WWE decides that the Network is a waste of money and resources and shuts that whole deal down? Or if Disney purchases everything and wraps it into Disney+? I did the free trial, watched one episode of the Mandalorian, and that's it. I don't have it in myself to donate to our overlords. 

Here's hoping the price of used Coliseum Video VHS tapes is reasonable!

One thing that WWE has going for them is that they seem 100% dedicated to archiving as much history as they can get their hands on, so I don't see the Network shutting down.  Plus they can't really put the toothpaste back in the tube with regards to PPV, so either way they're committed to $9.99 / month forever now.