Royal Rumble follow-up

Hey Scott,

To follow up on yesterday's question about the men's Rumble, who do you see winning the women's Rumble this year?

It feels more unpredictable than the last two years. Not exactly a bold statement, but I'd say Sasha, Charlotte, and Bliss have an equal shot. Sasha can't be Bayley's lackey forever, they seem committed to a big babyface push for Alexa, and Charlotte is Charlotte.

I'd also say Baszler is a contender and I have no idea on her status, but Ronda too if she's open to coming back for WrestleMania.

Who do you think/want to win?

I think it's gonna be Charlotte because they've managed to go two of them without booking her to win and they can't maintain that kind of self-control much longer.