Pro Wrestling EVE – SHE-1 Day 2


Yeah, I know. I KNOW. It’s been a crazy few weeks.

When last we left our heroines of EVE, the 2019 SHE-1 tournament was in full swing! With one show left to go before the final, who will win their blocks and go on to win the right to challenge for the title of their choice at WrestleQueendom?

Well, assuming you didn’t read the spoilers, smash that read more button and find out from yours truly!

For a refresher, the recap of both shows on Day 1 is right here:

PRO WRESTLING EVE – SHE-1 – DAY 2 – Show 3 – The Resistance Gallery – November 11th, 2019

Your commentators are Leah Owens and Sierra Loxton.

No fooling around as we immediately see the ubiquitous Emily, accompanied by her equally ubiquitous mohawk, and she tells us that we’re set for a Block C match to start us off! Thanks to the matches we’ve already seen, C Block has already been decided as no one can catch Rhia O’Reilly, but let’s play out the string.

And here comes Mei Suruga! She’s out first to the delight of the crowd, as she’s gotten herself quite over in the Resistance Gallery over the last few days. Mei is all smiles…..and there’s the music of Jazz.

Well, it’s been lovely getting to know Mei over the last few days. Pity to see her get murdered.

Jazz vs Mei Suruga – C Block match

Crowd chants “Pray for Mei!” to start; methinks they don’t like her chances here. Jazz calls for a test of strength to start, to which Mei shockingly agrees. You may be surprised to learn that this idea goes badly for Mei. I was not. Mei slips out and gets a couple of rollups for two, and Jazz seems perturbed. She takes Mei to the corner by her hair, but misses a punch and Mei goes for her running armdrags. Jazz blocks that and then just levels her with a shoulderblock. Mei fires back with shots in the corner and a rather aggressive pat on the head, but can’t lift her for the slam. Jazz shows her how it’s done, then drops her with a headbutt, then chokes her against the ropes. Butterfly suplex gets two for Jazz.

More beatings from Jazz now, into a rope-assisted chinlock that the ref breaks up. Mei makes a comeback by going to the eyes, then a bulldog into the buckles, then she runs Jazz into the wall! That gets two. Dropkicks from Mei and a small package, but Jazz catches her coming on a bodypress and hits a Driver to kill Mei deader than dead for the pin. JAZZ OVER MEI SURUGA, PINFALL, 9:49

THOUGHTS: **3/4. I don’t think I really “get” Mei’s act enough, in that there are parts where I think she’s going for a comedic reaction that don’t seem funny and parts that I think should be serious that I find funny, but at the same time, that can probably be chalked up to myself being a 41 year old with no discernible sense of humor. But she got over this weekend, and this match was a lot of fun to watch. Jazz definitely had a more than decent weekend herself, as she more than proved she still had something left in the tank with decent work across the board.

The victory moves Jazz to 4 points, but she loses the head-to-head tiebreaker against Rhia, so that’s it for the SHE-1 for her and for Mei.

“She’s still alive!” says Emily of Mei.

Up next, we’re back to Block A! First out, we’ve got Mercedez Blaze! Blaze, as you may remember, replaced Aleah James after James was injured on the first show. And her opponent will be Kasey Owens!

Kasey Owens vs Mercedez Blaze – A Block match

A little heel vs heel showdown here and Kasey offers her the first shot. Then the second one. Kasey is none too impressed and levels Blaze as a result. They run the ropes and Blaze gets a shoulderblock, then a ‘rana and a neckbreaker. Mercedez goes for double knees, but she gets caught and dropped on the top buckle with a big Snake Eyes, and Kasey goes to work.

Kasey beats on her for awhile, then takes her to the corner with shoulders. Blaze catches her coming in and makes the comeback, but misses the double knees again, so it’s more clobbering from Kasey. Off the ropes and Blaze gets some breathing room with a shotgun dropkick and finally hits the double knees.

Kasey with a DDT for two after some work in the corner, then a Shining Wizard gets two. Blaze catches her on a blind charge and spears her off the second rope for two. Blaze can’t believe it and goes for another pin, and that allows Kasey to catch her with a roll-up for the three count. KASEY OVER MERCEDEZ BLAZE, PINFALL, 6:33

THOUGHTS: ***. I like both these two and am utterly mystified as to why Blaze didn’t get more time in the tournament after being an injury replacement. First the match against Martinez and now this one, where it felt like the match aborted halfway through. Regardless, both women can work and I think this tournament has done wonders for Kasey in general – she really came off like a top-level star and someone who can probably main event in the future. Between the SHE-1 and the match she had against Roxxy at the show previous, I would think she’s in line for a very good 2020 in EVE.

The dulcet tones of Carly Simon are next, so that means that we’re graced with the presence of the Princess Diana of professional wrestling, Jetta! Her opponent is your EVE champion, Rhia O’Reilly! Rhia already has C Block locked up, but is looking to run the table here and beat all 3 women in the Block.

Jetta vs Rhia O’Reilly – C Block match

Rhia offers her the chance to take a walk before the match starts, but Jetta declines. After all, Rhia’s dad is in the front here, and he’s wearing Jetta’s shirt! In fact, Jetta is dedicating the match to Rhia’s dad! “Do it for Rhia’s dad!” says the crowd, and while I know that some people can get annoyed by crowds that do that type of thing, I like the EVE crowd a lot and hope they continue to be snarky pricks. They really add to the ambiance.

Anyway, Rhia has had enough of this shit and starts raining forearms on Jetta. Running knees from rope to rope, then a surfboard and a bodyscissors for Rhia. Rhia just smothers her on the mat and drops down on the back of Jetta, but she makes the critical error of not protecting the tit, and as we learned on the last show, Jetta is, in fact, a master of Ju-Tit-Su. Tit punch from Jetta! She takes Rhia to the corner and asks the crowd “Shall I?” The crowd is in full support as Jetta goes wild with bosom boxing, raining down punches to the tits of the champion!

Ten tit-punch count in the corner, but Rhia blocks the last one and drops Jetta on the top buckle. Lariat from O’Reilly and she goes to work on the arm of Jetta as the announcers point out that Rhia doesn’t need to go this hard, she already has the Block won, but Jetta pissed her off and now Rhia is gonna make her pay. Meanwhile, the crowd is chanting for Jetta to rally her.

This is absolutely textbook bully heel/babyface stuff here, and it’s totally working.

Jetta makes a comeback, hitting a running kick and a neckbreaker, which she then transitions into a Mutalock. Jetta fishhooks Rhia there and the ref forces her to break. Blind charge by Jetta is met with a drop toehold by Rhia, who chokes Jetta against the ropes to tremendous heat from the crowd. Baseball slide by Rhia sends Jetta into the crowd. Jetta gets handed a beer can that she smashes against Rhia’s previously injured knee, and Rhia rolls back in, feigning a serious injury. Crowd goes silent as even Jetta gets down and looks concerned… Rhia hits her with an exploder and stomps on her. Quality heelin’ by O’Reilly there.

Suplex and legdrop by Rhia gets two. O’Reilly with a fishhook of her own to pay back the earlier bit from Jetta, as Rhia kicks at her and puts on the badmouth. Rhia puts Jetta on the top rope and goes for a muscle buster, but Jetta goes to the eyes, then comes off with a cutter! 1, 2, no! Rhia with a rolling Fireman’s Carry and a senton, 1, 2, no! Crowd is all the way into this. They’ve got ‘em. Codebreaker from Jetta gets two. Less than 5 minutes left. Lung Blower by Jetta, into a straight jacket choke! Rhia won’t quit! Rhia tries for the ropes and Jetta rolls over to block it, but that allows Rhia to get to the other ropes. Back up now, Rhia goes low with a kick, Rhiadjustment! 1, 2, NO!!!

O’Reilly can’t believe it! She argues with the ref as the crowd goes BATSHIT for Jetta. Vicious curbstomp from Rhia into a crossface as the crowd begs Jetta not to tap. Jetta crawls for the ropes…..makes it! Another curb stomp from Rhia! A third! Jetta is DEAD. 4th curb stomp! Rhia slaps the crossface back on as Jetta tries to hold on for the 20-minute draw and a point….but Jetta reverses her weight and rolls Rhia over! 1, 2, 3!!! Jetta wins! Jetta wins! JETTA OVER RHIA O’REILLY, PINFALL, 19:58

THOUGHTS: ****1/4. WHEW. This was TREMENDOUS, with the two women crafting an epic tale over the course of 20 minutes. Let’s take a few moments and appreciate the 3 act play they gave us here. The first part of the match was dedicated to establishing the personalities and the way the match would play out, with Jetta playing the smart aleck and Rhia as the bullying heel. The second half, the build, was as good as you’ll find in professional wrestling, as they took the crowd along with them as things gradually got more serious, with O’Reilly not able to put away the spunky opponent. The key to these matches, always, is to make sure that the crowd absolutely believes that the underdog has a CHANCE, whilst also making sure that it’s incredibly unlikely that she’ll actually win – sometimes, the underdog becomes too much of a fait accompli based on the angle and it becomes far too obvious that they’ll overcome the odds and win. That did not happen here, as it felt like it could end at any moment for Jetta. And then, we get the 3rd act, where either woman can win because they’ve built the match so well in the opening and middle portion, so they can throw everything at you to build to the climax.

This match is really one of the biggest differences that you can show someone about how the story of a match plays out versus two wrestlers just doing moves to each other – here, there was a reason for being in all of the actions in the ring, and that’s not something that I see every day.

Look, I know that I tend to give Rhia a fair amount of shit and that Jetta seems like she’s primarily a comedy act most of the time, but credit should be given where credit is due – they went out there and did a fantastic professional wrestling match. Both of them. This was great.

Rhia is PISSED as the crowd goes absolutely crazy for Jetta, with Emily announcing her as having two points from her final match in the 2019 SHE-1.

By the by, they’ve GOTTA give Jetta a title shot now.

Well, we have to get back to this, so let’s finish up Block A. Up first, we hear the music of Ayesha Raymond! She’ll be replacing Angel Hayze, who was injured on the last show. A Block is basically MASH Block at this point. And her opponent will be the one and only Mercedes Martinez!

Ayesha does inherit Angel’s point total, so here’s where we’re at: Mercedes and Kasey both have 4 points. If Mercedes wins, the Block is hers. If Raymond pulls off the upset, we get a triple threat on the next show to decide the Block.

Mercedes Martinez vs Ayesha Raymond – A Block match

Lockup and Raymond tosses Mercedes to the mat to establish strength off the bat. Headlock takeover by Martinez as we go to the mat. Back up and Ayesha shoots her off, then shoulders her down. Martinez comes back with a running knee for one.

Blind charge misses and Raymond splashes her in the corner, then wraps her up in a straightjacket on the mat. Martinez fires back with rights, then shoulders in the corner. Suplex attempt is blocked by Raymond, then a huge delayed vertical by Ayesha gets two. Martinez comes back again with strikes, then a trip and a curb stomp for two. Mercedes goes for another suplex, but it’s blocked again and Ayesha hits a Fisherman’s suplex, rolls through, then hits a Fisherman’s Falcon Arrow for two.

Raymond goes for a short-arm clothesline, but Martinez ducks and hits a German suplex, then follows that with a Saito suplex. Snap suplex by Mercedes, Raymond blocks the second one and hits a lariat. Powerbomb attempt by Raymond and in a terrifying moment, Martinez goes all the way over the top and lands hard on the mat. Ref checks and she’s okay, and Mercedes manages to roll up Raymond for the pin right after. MERCEDES MARTINEZ OVER AYESHA RAYMOND, PINFALL, 8:31

THOUGHTS: ***. This was really fun, with the two of them hitting power moves and Martinez, for the first time in a while, being the substantial underdog when it came to size and power. She barely won the match so much as she managed to survive it, and I can dig matches like that. I don’t think that power bomb bump was planned, to say the least, and she seemed pretty shaken up after the match.

And with that, Martinez goes undefeated through her Block, winning Block A and punching her ticket to the Finals. She’ll join Rhia O’Reilly there, along with whoever comes out of Block B.

Post-match, Martinez needs some help up the stairs. Yikes.

We’ve got two matches left and they’re both from Block B. Up first, Rebel Kinney makes her way down the steps, as she’ll be stepping in for Nicole Savoy, who has also been pulled from the tournament. Emily welcomes her back by giving her a new patch for her jacket that bears the phrase ‘Beautiful Cunt’, and do you even need to ASK if the crowd chants it at her?

Spoiler: they do.

And out next, we’ve got Giselle Shaw! Shaw, who had a classic with Millie McKenzie on the last show, needs this win to stay alive in the Block. As you may remember, Shaw turned heel on Millie, and she most certainly reminds us by giving the crowd the finger instead of the normal salute.

I mean, it’s kind of a salute.

Giselle Shaw vs Rebel Kinney – B Block match

Kinney goes for a series of quick pins, but can’t keep Shaw down. Rebel with shoulders in the corner and a headbutt, but she misses a second one on the mat and Shaw goes to work on the arm, snapping it back off a hammerlock. Stomp to the arm by Giselle, then a stomp to the elbow by Giselle Sabre Jr.

Back up and they exchange chops, then Giselle pulls arm against the top rope, now to an overhead wristlock. Back to the corner and Giselle kicks away at the arm, then gets two. Man, did I just underrate Shaw for ages or did she suddenly get super-good when she turned heel? She’s tremendous.

Blind charge by Shaw eats boot and Kinney goes up, but misses a top rope senton! Shaw snaps the arm again, then insults a fan in the first row before going on to bitch slap Kinney a few more times. Someone’s been watching their Ric Flair matches from the 80s. I half-expect her to start wooing and calling the audience fat boy at this point.

Kinney comes back with some bodypresses and a fallaway slam, then a headbutt for two. Powerslam by Kinney gets two. Rebel goes to finish, but Shaw hits a spinkick, then escapes a fireman’s carry by hitting Rebel in the shoulder. Shaw kicks Kinney in the arm and applies a Fujiwara armbar, and Kinney has nowhere to go. GISELLE SHAW OVER REBEL KINNEY, SUBMISSION, 7:19

THOUGHTS: ***. Where did this Giselle Shaw come from? I mean, she’s been awesome this entire tournament, but submission master who destroys body parts? I just remember her kicking a lot. I was clearly mistaken, as she has embraced the heel role and run with it, and her matches have been fantastic as a result. Kinney sold her arm like nuts here to get it over, and it factored completely into the finish. This was good.

Shaw’s win keeps her in this thing, as she’s now on 4 points and it all comes down to Laura and Millie – if Laura wins, she runs the Block and wins it outright, while if Millie wins, we’ve got 3 women tied at 4 with completely negating tiebreaks (Millie holds head to head over Laura, who has it over Giselle, who has it over Millie), and that would necessitate a triple threat on the next show to give us a Block winner.

And there’s good ol’ Rob Zombie, welcoming Millie McKenzie to the ring! She makes her way down and gives Emily a hug to ensure that she’s introduced as Emily’s best friend! Out next, it’s Laura Di Matteo, and the Block is hers to lose at this point. This IS the main event!

Millie McKenzie vs Laura Di Matteo – B Block match

Crowd is actually torn to start this one, chanting for both women. We go to the mat to start and Laura controls with a wristlock, promptly reversed by Millie. Several reversals later we hit a stalemate. Excellent sequence there, with both women looking like they were really fighting for position instead of just going through the series.

Laura with a dropkick for two. They run the ropes and Millie gets a neckbreaker for two. Millie throws a nice forearm, the kind you want to take home at Thanksgiving to meet your conservative uncle. In the face. Fisherman’s suplex from Laura and she fires off dropkicks. Di Matteo comes off the top and rolls through when Millie moves, but turns around into a VICIOUS shotgun dropkick from Millie! Millie goes up now, but Laura meets her there, superplex!

On their knees and they slug it out, with Millie dropkicking the knee to gain the advantage, then an elbow off the ropes for two. Millie goes for a stretch, but Laura counters into a side Russian legsweep, then her seated abdominal stretch submission, Millie breaks that by rolling her over. Second try, but Millie makes the ropes. Laura tries for a Tombstone, but Millie turns that into Angel’s Wings for two. Millie looks to finish, Laura reverses for a Tombstone, Millie reverses out of that into a German suplex, spear by Millie! 1, 2, 3! MILLIE MCKENZIE OVER LAURA DI MATTEO, PINFALL, 9:25

THOUGHTS: ***1/4. There was a better match in here wanting to get out, but they called it a bit early. I think we needed about 3-5 more minutes to really put the shine on this one; as it was, it was still very good and I do understand that considering the result, both women are going to have to work more matches later on in the day. I have very little else to say – both women are excellent professional wrestlers and the match was good.

So, as Emily helpfully tells us, that means that we’ve got ourselves a playoff for Block B! Your results after Show #3 are:

A Block winner – Mercedes Martinez
B Block winner – TBD
C Block winner – Rhia O’Reilly

Let’s not waste any more time, shall we?

PRO WRESTLING EVE – SHE-1 – DAY 2 – FINALE– The Resistance Gallery – November 11th, 2019

Emily welcomes us to the finale and the triple threat to decide the winner of the B Block is going to start us off! Giselle Shaw is out first and the crowd no-likey Giselle. Millie McKenzie is out next and the crowd is a bit more welcoming to her. Laura Di Matteo rounds us out, but as soon as she enters the ring, Shaw attacks!

Giselle Shaw vs Millie McKenzie vs Laura Di Matteo – B Block playoff match

Shaw tosses Laura and goes for Millie, but McKenzie hits a neckbreaker to stop that. Laura comes back in and works with Millie, hitting a Fisherman’s suplex, but Giselle is back and hits Laura with a back elbow for two. Shaw mercilessly beats Laura from corner to corner, but Laura comes back with a dropkick off the 2nd rope to send Shaw out.

McKenzie back in now and they slug it out in the center of the ring. Meanwhile, Shaw has apparently climbed up over the ring and onto the balcony and is threatening to dive off – security gets in the ring to try to stop her (Why? People have come off balconies in EVE before.), but Shaw does a twisting press onto everyone anyway! She covers Laura for several two counts, then goes back to just beating the hell out of her.

Laura comes back with rights and a Codebreaker, then goes for a Tombstone…..but here’s Rhia. She comes down to the ring and Laura is DISTRACTED (Lord, EVE, why are we doing this?), and that allows Shaw to sneak up and hit a short DDT. Giselle back up, but Millie is in and takes her out, then McKenzie lines Laura up and spears her for the pin to give the Block to Millie McKenzie! MILLIE MCKENZIE OVER GISELLE SHAW & LAURA DI MATTEO, PINFALL, 4:42

THOUGHTS: **. The match itself was really fun while it lasted, but hoo boy, I am super goddamn sick and tired of babyfaces being stupid. Rhia didn’t DO anything! She came down and trash-talked Di Matteo, and Laura just let go of Shaw when she had her dead to rights. I really want to see this trope retired once and for all from wrestling, because it doesn’t help anyone and makes the face look like an idiot. And yes, I know that Millie has to wrestle another match and it behooved everyone to keep this one short, but that was one of the laziest endings they could have used. You want to further Di Matteo and Rhia? Have O’Reilly grab her leg, or hit her with a chair (it’s a triple threat, there’s no DQ), hell, anything that would have actually forced a response from Laura as opposed to something that allowed Laura’s character to be the one to look lame. I was not a fan of this at all.

Post-match, Rhia comes in and curb stomps Laura after the fact, just to rub it in. On the other hand, this allows Laura to almost redeem what just happened, because she gets to sell the shit out of her disappointment; she even shoves Dann down when he comes in to check on her! I swear, Di Matteo’s facials are so good and her ability to really show raw emotion is just scintillating. I mean, ugh to the match, but good for the post-match.

Giselle is back in the ring now, and she wants a mic. She tells the crowd to shut up, and they boo her. She insults them a bit more, then says that she’s proven that she’s the gold standard of EVE, they know it’s true, and they can shut the fuck up. She goes over her matches, saying that the second and third match showed she could be a world-class ‘submissionist’, and just now, she proved she could be a high flyer, so you know what? Nobody on this roster can touch her, and when she was up there, she was fucking fearless! The crowd ooohs at that…..


Charlie makes her way down to the ring as the crowd goes apeshit. As I go apeshit. “Charlie! Charlie! Charlie fucking Morgan!”

The crowd welcomes her back, and she says that it’s great to be back home. She tells Giselle that when it comes to EVE, there’s no one more fearless than she is. She saw her sweet balcony dive, what was that, 10 feet? Try York Hall, 20 feet, bitch! She thanks the crowd for supporting those girls in the back, because they ruin their bodies and they need it. Tonight, we crown the 3rd Ace of EVE – but Charlie was the first. Giselle snatches the mic back and tells her to back it up, complete with sound effects. Last time she checked, Morgan was retired; if she’s so fearless, why doesn’t she do something about Giselle? Oh wait, she can’t, because- BAM! Superkick from Charlie shuts Shaw up. Again!

Giselle bails and says ‘Fuck you’ to Charlie…..then says ‘this isn’t over.’

EVE, I swear to all the Gods I don’t believe in, you tease me with a return from Charlie, you better deliver or I’m gonna get really perturbed over here on this wrestling blog, and that’s not something you want to deal with.

Goddamn, this was great.


Okay, let’s march on.

Here comes Mei Suruga! She’s had a great 1st SHE-1, as the Resistance Gallery crowd has been behind her since her debut. And her opponent is Lulu Pencil! Another one of Emi Sakura’s trainees, this will be my first time seeing her work, as it is her EVE debut.

Mei Suruga vs Lulu Pencil

Lockup and much screaming ensues. Like, a lot of screaming. Seeing Mei in there with someone her size and body type after her matches this weekend is very weird. Mei captures the arm, but Lulu wrings the arm….over and over….until she gets dizzy and falls over. Bodyscissors rollover by Mei for two.

They run the ropes and Mei ends up on the inside with Lulu on the outside and Lulu….stumbles over the top rope and lands back in the ring. Mei works a double anklelock, but Pencil makes the ropes. This match is not good. Surfboard by Mei, but she can’t hold it. Lulu shoots Mei off on the corner bulldog attempt and rolls her up for two. Lulu with a wristlock and she climbs to the top to walk the ropes, and the poor woman’s knees are shaking. I mean, SHAKING, legit to the point that I expected her to fall off and was terrified for her. She finally climbs down and lands on her wobbly knees and immediately clutches one of them, so Mei goes to work on it.

We promptly abandon that and get a sequence where Mei misses stuff in the corner, and they end up on the apron where Lulu makes faces at Mei to scare her, then Lulu runs away and grabs a pipe and starts swinging from it. Mei goes over to her and also starts swinging from a pipe. She goes for a bodyscissors on Lulu, but the ref pulls Lulu back into the ring and Mei goes flying to the floor.

Mei back in and Pencil rolls over to trip her, then goes up, stutter splash gets two for Lulu. Oy. They fight for a backslide and Mei gets it for two. Lulu tries the rolling trip again, but Mei falls on top with a splash and ref mercifully counts 3. MEI SURUGA OVER LULU PENCIL, PINFALL, 9:22

THOUGHTS: *1/2. I don’t think this type of wrestling is for me. No harm, no foul, the crowd really seemed into Mei all weekend and for those that like it, I think that’s cool. But for me, it looked even more fake than actual pro wrestling does, and I just couldn’t get into it. Sorry.

Post-match, Emily asks the crowd to give it up loud enough for Emi Sakura to hear it for her trainees this weekend as Mei carries Lulu on her back up the stairs.

Up next, Emily tells us that we have a rematch from the 2018 SHE-1! And the first person down the steps is Kasey Owens, who has had a great weekend. And Carly Simon over the loudspeakers is the clarion call for Jetta! She makes her way to the ring and Emily starts to go through her usual introduction, until she’s interrupted by a voice from the loft. She shrugs and adds “Charlie Morgan’s girlfriend!” to the intro and the crowd goes nuts.

Jetta vs Kasey Owens

Crowd chants for Jetta: “1 point last year, 2 points this year!” They jaw at each other and exchange shoves, and Kasey attacks from behind. Kasey fishhooks her on the mat and pounds with forearms and boots. Armbar with an armpit pinch from Kasey, but Jetta escapes and trips her for two. Kasey goes back to the arm and works it on the mat. Cross-armbreaker attempt, but Jetta blocks that. Kasey finally gets the arm extended, but Jetta bites her on the leg to escape.

Straightjacket, but Jetta escapes and makes the comeback with a boot to the head and a Perfectplex for two. Jetta winds up her arm…..wait…..can it be? Are we about to see the fabled People’s Princess Elbow? BY GAWD. Jetta off the ropes….still off the ropes….still off the ropes….pauses to take a breather….off the ropes….DROPS the elbow! 1, 2, NO! Kasey must possess an iron will of steel resolve to kick out there! Lung Blower from Jetta gets two.

Kasey escapes another with a jawbreaker, then hits double knees in the corner and a DDT for two. Jetta comes back with shoulderblocks, Codebreaker! Jetta wraps Kasey up, Kasey reverses, Jetta manages to kick Kasey low with the ref being out of position, Lung blower into a straightjacket clutch! Kasey has nowhere to go! She submits! JETTA OVER KASEY OWENS, SUBMISSION, 9:03

THOUGHTS: **3/4. Both women were clearly tired here from the long weekend, but they’re such good pro wrestlers that they powered through it. Jetta had to win because she’s pretty clearly going to be Rhia’s challenger next month, and Kasey isn’t hurt from the loss after having a good SHE-1. Both women should have a big 2020 to look forward to.

Post-match, Kasey has to be helped up the stairs and Jetta looks quite pensive about it. Hope nothing went wrong there.

Up next, it’s our semi-main event – a Fatal 4-Way! Out first, it’s Chakara, making her return to EVE after some time away. Rebel Kinney is next down the steps, and she’s still selling the arm from the Shaw match earlier. Excellent. Mercedez Blaze is next, and I hope she gets more time than she has so far, because I dig her work. And finally, finishing out her SHE-1 weekend, here comes Jazz!

Chakara vs Rebel Kinney vs Mercedez Blaze vs Jazz – Fatal 4-Way

“Someone’s going to die!” yells out a random crowd member as the bell rings. I bet it’s not Jazz. Blaze and Chakara jump Kinney to start us off as Jazz watches from the apron. They tee off on Rebel for awhile, including a nice snap neckbreaker from Blaze. That gets two. It appears that we’re working with tag rules here, as we end up with Chakara and Rebel in the ring. Chakara just beats on Rebel for what feels like ages, and then Blaze tags in.

Crazy awesome shotgun dropkick from Blaze and Kinney is just in a world of hurt here. Chakara back in with a superkick to the back of Rebel’s head for two. I really don’t get this match – it’s playing like a normal tag here, down to Kinney playing Ricky Morton and Blaze/Chakara cutting the ring in half on her. It’s kind of weird. Curb stomp gets two as no one even tries to save.

Kinney ends up on the top rope and gets some room with a headbutt on Chakara, but Blaze runs in and ‘ranas her off the top. Double suplex attempt is countered into a double DDT, and it’s HOT TAG Jazz. She comes in and levels the heels with clotheslines, then a superkick to Blaze and a botched X-Factor on Chakara (Jazz gets up and actually says out loud “What the hell was that?”), leading to a pin on Blaze. Jazz did about a minute of work in the entire match. JAZZ OVER REBEL KINNEY, CHAKRA, & MERCEDEZ BLAZE, PINFALL, 9:15

THOUGHTS: **3/4. What a strange match. It was like watching an RnR/Midnights match where you just dropped in right during the heat segment on Morton, and then went to the finish right after that – it was like watching the last ten minutes of a twenty minute match, you know? And seriously, Mercedez Blaze has all the fucking potential in the world, and I don’t really ‘get’ why EVE doesn’t use her more in longer matches, unless they think she needs more ring seasoning. It was fun while it lasted to a certain extent, although the unmerciful beating of Rebel Kinney as an entire match body isn’t where I would have gone, but hey. Jazz got a nice send-off for a fun weekend, and she proved that she can still go, which is neat.

Our pre-main burlesque show involves some really crazy shit with light-up hula hoops. Storm Hooper, take a bow, that was some fun stuff.

Time to bring this mother home, as Emily tells us that it’s time for the SHE-1 Final!

Out first, it’s Mercedes Martinez, who looks like she’s okay from her earlier scare. Millie McKenzie is out next – there’s a bit of a neat story here, as Millie is obviously Charli Evans’ tag partner, and Mercedes earned her SHE-1 spot by beating Evans. And our final competitor (shoutout to whoever the fan was who audibly said “Ah, fuck” when Rhia’s music hit) is the EVE champion, Rhia O’Reilly! Rhia gets in the ring, poses on the ropes…..and Laura Di Matteo is standing there when she turns around! Di Matteo double legs her and pounds away, with O’Reilly trying to escape.

They head to the floor and Rhia hits Laura with the knee brace (they HAVE to make that knee brace part of the storyline at this point, given how often it’s been used/referenced) and gets a chair. Laura ducks the chairshot and hits Rhia with one of her own, and from there, Di Matteo just wails on O’Reilly with the chair to the back! In a nice touch, you can see Dann Read right behind Laura begging her to stop as she hits Rhia again and again. Crowd chants Laura’s name as security escorts her up the steps.

Now then. Yes, the crowd was behind this. Yes, it probably worked to a certain extent. But why are we having Laura Di Matteo, insanely talented pro wrestler who specializes in fighting from underneath as a babyface, taking a chair to someone after having to play the idiot babyface earlier with the distraction finish in the triple threat? Di Matteo, who is, at this point in EVE, inarguably the top babyface in the promotion barring Charlie Morgan or Jamie Hayter returning, probably shouldn’t be doing things contrary to what is necessary to make her sympathetic in the fight against Rhia.

Consider this – over the course of the night, Rhia did come down to the ring to distract Laura in her match earlier. But, and I can’t stress this enough, she didn’t attack her, she didn’t jump in the ring, she did absolutely NOTHING besides yell from ringside. Laura dropped Shaw instead of just Tombstoning her for the win and lost fair and square. Then, later in the night, Laura comes down to the ring before Rhia’s match and beats her up, down to taking a chair to her and forcing her out of the SHE-1 Final. How does that gain sympathy for Laura Di Matteo in that scenario? How is that a proportional response?

What if – Rhia actually DOES cost Laura the match, Laura doesn’t like it and comes down to give Rhia shit, claiming that she knows that Rhia is afraid to face her, and then Livvii and Nightshade jump her and give her a beating. Or we do the same thing we did here, but Laura is more justified in being pissed. Always have the heels cheat and play dirty, and make sure that they never want a fair fight. Never give them any semblance that they’re right in what they do.

The last two big angles involving Rhia have had her losing the title to Roxxy due to outside interference, then cleanly beating her in the middle of the ring in the later match to avenge the wrong that was done to her by Jayla Dark. And now, the response to her taunting Laura from ringside is that Laura puts her out of the Finals with a chair. I hate to say this, but Rhia comes out looking far more sympathetic than she should.

I only rant about any of this because I really like this promotion and because normally, I think they take great pains to book very well. This angle with Di Matteo actually started off well a few months ago where it became obvious that Laura was going to be Rhia’s endgame, and I was fine with that. Now, I worry that we’ve gone a bit off the rails in situations where we shouldn’t. This felt like a feud that just needed to booked as an old-fashioned hero/villain story, and that’s all I want here.

But hey – let’s see what happens. They’ve earned my trust to a certain extent.

Anyhow, long pedantic rant aside, Rhia is down and o-u-t, to the point that the crowd becomes quiet as Dann and the medics check on her. Finally, Dann goes over to Emily and tells her that Rhia has been ruled out of the match, and so this Finals will be one on one! Millie and Mercedes are okay with it, so ring the bell!

Millie McKenzie vs Mercedes Martinez – SHE-1 FINALS

Slugfest to start and Millie hits a quick cutter for two. Martinez comes back with a knee and a release chokebomb for two. Mercedes goes to a guillotine on the mat, but Millie fights out quickly and hits a pair of shotgun dropkicks. She misses one in the corner, though, and Martinez takes over with stomps as a result.

Mercedes chokes her against the ropes with her boot as Mercedes seems to be playing a subtle heel here. Martinez tries for a chop in the corner, Millie ducks it and fires rights, but sends up back in the corner and Martinez finally nails her with a chop that Millie sells like she’s been shot. Awesome. That gets two as Millie collapses in the center of the ring.

Martinez with ground and pound. Martinez avoids some kicks from Millie and applies a Dragon Sleeper, but McKenzie escapes and fires away, wheelbarrow attempt and Martinez slams her to the mat by her fucking head, which, you know, fucking OW. That gets two. Fisherman’s suplex attempt by Mercedes is reversed into a small package by Millie, and McKenzie hooks the Octopus! Crowd is TOTALLY behind Millie here.

Mercedes escapes that with a Death Valley Driver, but gets up and walks into a spear from Millie! 1 2, NO!! McKenzie can’t believe it! More back and forth, and Millie gets Angel’s Wings for two. German suplex attempt from Millie, but Martinez blocks it and drops Millie to the mat with a straight shot, then hooks McKenzie on the top rope.

Millie elbows her off, but Mercedes gets right back up on top with her, GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE! Damn, Millie is bonkers. That gets two. Now Mercedes can’t believe it. Fisherman’s Buster gets two for Martinez. Surfboard Dragon Sleeper attempt by Martinez is blocked by Millie, spear by McKenzie! German suplex by Millie! Another Spear by Millie! 1, 2, 3!! Millie McKenzie is YOUR 2019 Ace of EVE! MILLIE MCKENZIE OVER MERCEDES MARTINEZ, PINFALL, 11:29

THOUGHTS: ***3/4. Match of the show here, these two decided they were going to let it all hang out and just fire off big moves against each other. The result was a hard-hitting, entertaining match that was a suitable capper to the SHE-1. Considering how goddamn tired they must have been (Millie wrestled 5 matches in two days, Mercedes wrestled 4 in two days), it’s super-impressive to me that they resisted the temptation to just phone it in and instead went out to have a good match. I fear for Millie’s life at this point, though – that German off the top, while safe, was just terrifying to watch. She’s such a good worker, I really want her to have a long career and not cash in her bump card too early. Martinez was her usual reliable self – she’s not going to have a bad match unless you make her somehow.

Post-match, Millie and Mercedes hug it out as the crowd chants for a speech. Emily presents the apple core trophy to Millie as Dann asks the crowd to give it up for her one more time. Millie gets the mic as the crowd chants “You deserve it!”. She doesn’t know what to say and thanks the fan for coming out. At the start of the weekend, she may have been a bit mean, a bit horrible, but she promises all the fans – she’s actually quite nice! Charli’s not, but Millie is! She thanks Dann and Emily, says that she’s 19 and wrestling has allowed her to travel the world, and the best part of wrestling is the people she’s met. Charli Evans, her best friend and tag partner, is in Japan right now, and this opportunity means so much to Millie that she doesn’t want it just to be herself who makes the most of this. Therefore, she and Charli, the Medusa Complex, will use the title shot to challenge the Woke Queens for the tag titles at WrestleQueendom! And they will walk out the new tag champs! Thanks again, and she’ll see you all soon!

And we’re done. And, in a brilliant move, EVE has used their booking of the last 3 SHE-1s to legitimize every single one of their titles – Charlie Morgan won the first and challenged for the EVE title. Jamie Hayter was the second and challenged for the International title, which she has been carrying over in Japan. And now, Millie’s win allows the tag titles to be elevated to that same tier. You can legitimately point at reasons for all of these decisions to be made and as a result, all the titles mean something, which is something that the biggest company in the goddamn world can’t pull off on any type of even regular basis! Well-played, EVE. Well-played, indeed.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Just a tremendous two days in the Resistance Gallery. Some outstanding wrestling, good angle advancement, a surprise (in a good way) winner in Millie McKenzie. I don’t have much to add beyond what I’ve spammed in these recaps anyway.

Quick Awards – Match of the Tournament: My favorite match was Millie McKenzie/Gisele Shaw, but I think that the best overall match was probably Jetta/Rhia O’Reilly, if I’m being fair.
Breakout – Gisele Shaw was awesome all weekend, much better than I’ve ever really given her credit for.
Wrestler of the Weekend – probably Millie, although Laura was also solid all weekend long.
Moment of the tournament: Any answer other than “By God, that’s Charlie Morgan’s music!” will be summarily dismissed and scorned.

Well, this took forever, but it’s done. I will see you all again in a week or so for the next show – good times, all. Remember to spread the word about EVE, so the world can see what it’s been missing out on.

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Take care all, and watch some wrestling.

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