Well Dunn

Hi Scott. 

In the 90s, I didn't have regular access to WWE programming, so only really saw it around friends or when somebody had recorded it for me. 

I remember the team Well Dunn, well, one match they had. 

At the end, they had their jobber opponent on the match and they were shouting at each other "You're Well Dunn" "No! You're Well Dunn" with the ref pretty much pleading "Will somebody please pin him".

Like I said, this is the only match I remember seeing them in, but younger me thought this was really funny. 

Was this a regular thing they did? If not, can anyone remember the match (doubtful I know!)? 


I wouldn't say it was a regular thing they did.  Probably just one of their early squashes.  
Well Dunn were actually a pretty damn good tag team in Portland called The Southern Rockers, with good names (Rex King and Steve Doll) and good chemistry.  I was always sad that Vince wrecked them completely.