Rumble 2020 early odds

Hey Scott,

It’s December and not even WWE cares about TLC. So let’s look towards the rumble. With Brock as the RAW Champ and rumors of a Brock/Cain or Brock/Tyson Fury (shrug) title match at WM, the winner obviously has to come from SD and that leads me to horrible realization that it’s Roman or Bryan and that’s it. With the current Bray/Bryan story and Daniel teasing the Yes movement return, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to have him finally win the Rumble and conquer The Fiend at WrestleMania? Or are they really going to redo the 2014/2015 debacle where Bray beats DB and then Roman cruises to a Rumble victory?

Also what about the idea of having a NXT guy win and have an NXT Title match at WrestleMania? You can use TV to build up the Rumble which obviously will keep viewership interested and have Keith Lee win the Rumble and challenge either Cole or Ciampa at WM?

What are your thoughts on the Rumble and potential challengers?

Yeah, I think they can hold off Bryan until WM and have him beat the Fiend.  Plus he’s way overdue for a Rumble win. Let’s go with that.