Bobby Fulton


With that horrible news, I wanted to focus on positives and ask what your favorite Bobby Fulton/Fantastics matches are. I think that they are somewhat overlooked when talking about best 80s tag teams because of bigger stars like the Midnights and the Rock n Roll. What are the best Fantastics matches you remeber?

And it hardly needs to be said, but fuck cancer.
Time to make the babyface comeback for sure.  
Their high point was probably the series with the Midnight Express in 1988 for Crockett, but they also had great matches with the Condrey version in Mid South and World Class.  Their match with the Sheepherders at Crockett Cup 86 is of course legendary, and they had an additional **** match with Tully and Arn on that show as well.  I was really sad when they broke up and Bobby started tagging with Jackie Fulton instead.  
Just a great team all around and perfect for for their purpose was.