WWF Superstars – August 20th, 1994

August 20, 1994

From the Wheeling Civic Center in Wheeling, WV

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

The show starts off with a clip of Razor Ramon & Walter Payton telling Diesel & Shawn Michaels that at SummerSlam, Razor will become the Intercontinental Champion with Payton promising to hang a “vacancy” in the Heartbreak Hotel if Shawn tries to interfere.

This week, we have Adam Bomb & Smoking Gunns vs. Kwang & Well Dunn.


Diesel w/ Shawn Michaels vs. Kevin Kruger

The announcers talk about the Intercontinental Title match at SummerSlam as Diesel roughs up Kruger in the corner. Diesel then hits a side slam as the announcers now talk about Payton. Diesel now uses a snake eyes on Kruger and follows that up with a big boot before using the Jackknife for the win after pacing around then covering Kruger with one foot (1:55).

Thoughts: An easy win for Diesel to put him over heading into his title defense at SummerSlam.


We now see a clip from earlier this week. We see Owen Hart, with help from Jim Neidhart, training inside of a steel cage as Vince interviews them. The arena is empty and dark with the exception of the spotlight. Vince puts over how its an eerie feeling being surrounded by the steel cage. Owen once again calls out Bret for bullying him as a little boy but now is a big boy and has Bret where he wants him and promises to hurt Bret as Neidhart laugs in the background. Owen says that now that Bret has the belt, he will become champion after beating him and promises to do whatever it takes to win. Vince says there are two ways to win which is either climbing up and over the cage onto the floor or by walking out of the door and asks Owen if he is up for the task. Owen says he is but Bret is not because he’s terrified of losing again. Owen says Bret ruined his childhood and will not ruin his adult life. Owen then says he predicted he’d beat Bret and win King of the Ring and all that’s left is the World Title and when he wins, the whole family will love him as Vince asks whether or not Owen will be the next champion as Owen slams the cage door before leaving. Vince sold the dangers of the cage well and Owen cut one of his better promos in selling this match as revenge against Bret for feeling he ruined his childhood. Really good stuff here.


The New Generation ad with Bret Hart airs.


Sparky Plugg vs. George Anderson

Lawler laughs at Vince being scared during the interview but adds Bret will be even more scared at SummerSlam. Plugg clotheslines Anderson then catches him with a big boot as the announcers talk about the cage being there to keep out Neidhart, Bruce Hart, and others. Anderson cheap shots Plugg in the corner then uses a snapmare. Plugg fights back and hits a slam then a knee drop as Lawler continues to mock the Hart Family besides Owen & Neidhart. Vince tells Lawler that Bret may come after him as Plugg uses a flying body press for the win (2:06).

Thoughts: More talk about the Bret/Owen match at SummerSlam with a tease of the Bret/Lawler feud continuing in the near future.


WWF Live Event News hypes the Summer Sizzler tour.


We get clips from last week that led to this week’s six-man tag match.


Kwang & Well Dunn w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. Adam Bomb & Smoking Gunns

Bart works over Dunn to start as Vince runs down some house show dates. Lawler talks about the Memory Lane match on “All-American Wrestling” between Chief Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf & Andre the Giant vs. Bruiser Brody & The Executioners. Lawler even adds how he once beat Andre in Memphis and has proof. Kwang runs in and cheap shots Billy then tags in and hammers away. Kwang & Well Dunn cut the ring in half and use quick tags to maintain control. Dunn comes off the top and gets dropkicked in midair in a spot that was not too smooth. Dunn tries and fails to pull Billy away from making the tag as Bomb is in and runs wild. The crowd gets into Bomb a bit then he hits a flying clothesline and covers for two as that is broken up. The match breaks down with Whippleman on the apron. Bomb grabs his former manager but avoids an attack by Dunn that sends Whippleman flying then Bomb hits Dunn with a pumphandle slam for the win (5:08) *1/2.

Thoughts: The action was forgettable but this whole entire match and everything leading up to it was done to get Bomb over as a face. And he was really the only act with potential at the moment and the fans dug the buildup to his hot tag.
We get a replay of the first two Leslie Nielsen segments.


Bam Bam Bigelow & IRS w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Sonny Rogers & Tom Stone

Before the match, IRS yells at the tax cheats for missing the August 15th extention deadline. Bigelow beats down Stone but taunts the crowd, allowing Stone to land a few shots. Bigelow clotheslines Stone as we hear from The Headshrinkers & Capt. Lou Albano in an insert promo telling Bigelow & IRS that they are ready for SummerSlam. IRS is in now and beats on Rogers as Vince brings up what happened on the King’s Court. Bigelow & IRS hit a double clothesline then Bigelow roughs up Rogers before using a senton for the win (1:57).

Thoughts: Another win for Bigelow & IRS to build them up as a team heading into their title match at SummerSlam but they still just feel like two random guys slapped together.


We now see Paul Bearer digging in the graveyard. He talks about feeling his Undertaker’s power and asks DiBiase if he felt the same. Bearer now says he knows more than ever DiBiase’s Undertaker is truly evil and in one week his Undertaker will come out on top. More about DiBiase’s Undertaker not being the original.


SummerSlam Report with Todd Pettengill.


We get a hype video for Diesel vs. Typhoon at “Sunday Night Slam.”


Guest ring announcer is a young boy named Trevor Nicholas


Tatanka vs. Todd Becker

Vince hypes up Sunday Night Slam as Tatanka starts chopping Becker before the bell. We then hear Tatanka in an insert saying the world knows Luger has sold out and will see at SummerSlam as the announcers talk about DiBiase’s Corporation and how they could wind up having a very successful SummerSlam. Tatanka beats on Becker then uses the Papoose to Go for the win as Lawler is sick of hearing that people sold out and why can’t they just say Luger signed with DiBiase (1:19).

Thoughts: Some subtle heel stuff with Tatanka attacking Becker before the bell but the announcers never mentioned that happening as I guess they wanted to make it a complete surprise he was turning heel.


Another WWF Live Event News segment on the Summer Sizzler tour.


Next week, we will see Duke Droese vs. Jeff Jarrett. Also, Ted DiBiase & Undertaker as guests on the Heartbreak Hotel.


Before the show ends, Vince lets us know that Joey Marella died in a car accident. We get his name and photo on the air followed by a tribute video narrated by Todd Pettengill. They put over how he was popular among the referees and wrestlers plus known for being a funny guy. Marella was in fact very popular among the wrestlers and did impressions of a few people. And even though he died early July 4th, they had to wait until all of the episodes of TV passed with Marella as a ref (he died after a car crash leaving a TV taping) before airing anything about his passing.


Final Thoughts: The Owen interview was great and they tried to get Bomb over as a face. The rest of the show was hype for SummerSlam, with the hype for the Undertaker angle really going cold.