WWE Friday Night Party Thread, Episode 10 — NEW BEARD, WHO DIS?

We made it!

So when last we left our heroes — to pull out my old opening line — the Fiend had dragged Daniel Bryan into whatever depths of Hell he resided in and yanked some hair out of him.  Granted, it wasn’t easy to tell whether it was his head hair or beard hair — and let’s hope to our respective deities it’s not the THIRD option — but it’s almost certain that Daniel is going to look quite different when he emerges tonight.  Since wrestling is all about symbolism, it should be noted that just after resurrecting the YES movement, the look associated with the YES movement appears to have been forcibly removed.

In the other main story, Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin are now confirmed for TLC in the TLC Match.  Tonight, Reigns will have to get through Dolph Ziggler.  Now, forgive me and my eternal optimism, but in a vacuum, this isn’t bad booking — arrogant heel taunts powerful babyface, gets henchmen to back him up, face plows through henchmen and will take down the heel once and for all.  Heck, it being Reigns and Corbin isn’t awful.  But the material they have to work with has been a nightmare — as soon as you’re making poop bag jokes and bringing out mascots, you’ve lost the room.

In other news, Lacey Evans turned face.  She apparently will be feuding with Sasha and/or Sasha’s submissive lifemate Bayley.  I remember when Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens did a storyline where the champ had a best friend and was willing to play sidekick to his antics.  As I recall, it made the champ look really bad.  What I’m saying is, can we get more Bayley on her own being her own strong character?  Of course, if the point is that Sasha is rent-free in Bayley’s head and is using this to get the gold from her and leave her behind, then let’s hope the payoff’s worth it.

Your ESPN NBA double-header is Nuggets/Celtics, then Lakers/Blazers.  ESPN2 has a college twin-bill of Providence against Rhode Island and USC against TCU.  Iowa/Michigan is underway on FS1.  If college football is your bag, Utah and Oregon meet for the Pac-12 title on ABC.

Enjoy the weekend!