Hogan in Montreal

Howdy Scott. Can you explain in a nutshell what the deal is with Hogan laying down to Jacques Rougeau in Montreal? Is this sort of thing less rare than I imagine? Is it because it's "non-canon" so to speak since WWE fans would likely never hear about it? Is it just made up and never happened?

Anyway, it was this whole promotional war thing between WWF and WCW at the time where Montreal was like a battleground between the WWF-sponsored promoter and WCW, and Hogan actually agreed to do business to try and get Jacques going as top babyface there again because they thought it would pop a number for a rematch later on.  And then Jacques left for the WWF again in 98 anyway and WCW never bothered running Canada again and it was all stupid and moot.  Thankfully nothing else that notable happened in Montreal for the rest of 1997 anyway.