WWE Legends Contracts

Do you have any idea on how WWE Legends Contracts work in terms of dates with the company, the amount paid, etc?  

Basically it's a small amount of money that comes with the stipulation that the talent can essentially work whatever indy shows they want and do whatever autograph signings and appearances they want to maintain their income, but they are obligated to:

a)  Give priority to WWE shows if asked 
b)  Under no circumstances work for anything that could be considered "competition".  

So mostly it's a way to keep the Tito Santanas and Honky Tonk Mans of the world away from AEW or ROH or whatever while still letting them make a reasonable living.  I believe some specific ones work differently in terms of pay or stipulations (like Ric Flair's deal) but typically the amount being paid is pretty small, like $50K a year or something.