Macho Man WM9

The booking of Wrestle Mania 9 is so weird in retrospect. And specifically how they used Savage in 1993: 

Savage worked a program with Repo Man the first 2 Raws in January of that year. THEY COULDN'T HAVE FOUND AN OPPONENT FOR HIM AT WRESTLE MANIA 9? Maybe continue his feud with Razor Ramon?!??!?

Ric Flair left company in early february even though he still had more time left on the deal. Vince couldn't have talked him to staying a few more weeks to put Perfect over on biggest show of year?

They would never have left money on table like this now, right? 
The booking of Wrestlemania 9 was BAD, you say?  That's a bold and spicy hot take, my friend.