WWE’s idea of “Attractions”

So your shared disapproval of WALTER jobbing first and quickly at SS, and you picking him in a fantasy league, had me thinking about the following. WALTER sometimes reminds me of Andre in his prime. A man of intimidating stature, presence, who could GO in the ring and the simple offense of overpowering blunt force makes the match unique . He, I believe, is a true Attraction, And NXT UK, for the most part, has presented him that way. So of course WWE does the opposite. 

Then you got the Lesnar & Strowman matches from Crown Jewel. I really have no good idea of their opponents, but they were from outside the norm, and were shown to be “special attractions”, which is fine, but you don’t need to waste that at CJ, where it doesn’t matter who’s on. Unless Vince told them that’s who Yoko & Warrior are now, so I could be wrong.

Then you have them thinking that Lesnar still is the money making, ratings drawing Attraction from years ago , but we all know how that’s going.

Then the one attraction they are investing in now , The Fiend, gets Red lights which makes me not even want to watch the fucking thing!

Basically I have no idea what makes who they are telling me is special , special . I have a black light at my parents house, if I get that to Rusev would that give him some better shit to work with?

At least people are reacting to Rusev.  That's something, I guess.